DICE Talks About Battlefield 3 And Studio Philosophy

A couple of new Battlefield 3/DICE videos have surfaced via GameInformer and we’ve got them for all to see. In the first video DICE General Manager, Karl-Magnus Troedsson, talks about their approach when creating Battlefield 3 and goes in to detail about why they took so long to make it. In the second video Karl is back again and speaks about DICE’s core design philosophy, as well as a few set rules they try to follow with everything they do.


Battlefield 3 will be launching this fall on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: GameInformer via YouTube (Part 1Part 2)



  1. Praying for 32 players on console ,as you know im a huge BF Fanboy and i struggle to see how larger jet compatible maps could work with 24 players because most of the snipers become jet campers when jets are available (anything to help their k/d ratio)
    In BF2 it wouldnt be uncommon for 5 players to just be waiting and camping for a jet plus 4 planes already airborne would total on average 14 players out of the proper game which is capturing and holding the conquest points this would leave 5 v 5 on huge maps . I would much sooner have no jets at all than that situation . Dice haven’t ruled out 32 players despite what you might read elsewhere and i pray to god they can make it work .

    • i’m pretty sure they’ll be taking this into account. chances are they’ll do something with the maps. look at the bad company games. some of the best multiplayer out there. i doubt they’ll make a mess of this

      • It’s gonna be funny seeing the initial response from the console boys with jets in game, some of my most frustrating moments from BF have come from jets napalming or letting off bombs!

  2. Nice to hear devs talking like that. I’m hearing what minerwilly said up there though, big problem with dice games is everyone stays back and snipes leaving only a couple fighting for the objectives. There really should be a limit on the number of snipes allowed on any 1 team.

    • But this shouldn’t be a problem if they have made the maps similar to BF2 etc. The only reason you had this was because BC was basically a one way open road to the various points on the map which in this case mostly happened with the Rush mode.

  3. Great. Maybe now they’ll get their asses on to Mirror’s Edge 2, if they truly are thinking innovation and originality that is the series to do it with.

    • I really hope Mirror’s Edge 2 comes soon! I loved the first one! :D

    • Yes please, but for now I’m afraid that dream is slipping away :(

  4. His office is lovely.

  5. Encouraging words from DiCE’s manager there. Notice that he said he doesn’t want to churn out game after game thats the same and that their games are quality – the direct opposite of what Treyarch are doing….

  6. Can’t wait for this one… all good stuff! :)

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