Green Lantern: Rise Of The Manhunters Teaser

Warner Brothers have released a trailer for the game-of-the-movie for the upcoming Green Lantern flick. The game is to be released on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS in the summer and is subtitled ‘Rise Of The Manhunters’. Stop sniggering, there is nothing amusing about the title ‘Rise Of The Manhunters’. Warner and DC Entertainment have said

In the videogame players will utilise over a dozen constructs and take flight across the deepest parts of the Universe to restore intergalactic order by wielding the ultimate weapon: the Green Lantern power ring.

Sounds excellent, how can you refuse an offer to destroy some Manhunters using your ring? Team TSA seem very eager as the game ranked #73 in our Top 100 of 2011.


The trailer seems to hint at multiplayer with the Green Lantern and two pals – one of whom has a massive cannon –  all trying to quash any Manhunter upsurge.

Source: YouTube



  1. See a dozen constructs sounds reasonably cool, but the issue with a Green Lantern game is the ring can make a construct of literally anything you can think of. You’ll never get that into a game.

    • maybe a merger of little big planet and the ideas behind this :)

    • i’m guessing there will be basic blasting attacks, as seen in the video, probably a few different constructs you can choose from and quite a few context sensitive ones, press square to use whatever construct is most appropriate for each situation or something like that.

  2. Im always skeptical of games that coincide with a movie release. Many a time they have appeared to be rushed, without care & sufficient attention.
    Will keep any an eye on this, love a good super hero game. (movie, story, comic)
    Hoping arkham.a will have helped to raise the bar for this genre.

    • In my experience when a movie and a game based on the movie releas at the same time one of three things are true: 1. Game is crap. 2. Movie is crap. 3. Both are crap.

  3. I never have hope for movie tie-ins, especially ones which feature superheroes, though there is always a chance for one to break through.

  4. Whos the dev and what history do they bring? all I can say is just please don’t puck this up

    • Not lookign good. In development at Double Helix and they have worked on GI Joe, Matrix games, Front Mission Evolved, Indiana Jones, etc. You can see where I going with this.

      • Some of the best games ever! :P

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