New Okamiden Trailers

Capcom’s tradition of tiny videos continues with their latest batch of Okiamiden trailers. The game is edging ever closer to its March release, and what with Pokémon being out in the same period, DS owners will have hundreds of hours worth of gameplay to look forward to.

Source: Press Release



  1. more fast cuts than an Mtv advert.
    I had a real hard time trying to follow what was actually going on in 90% of that but the concepts are interesting and I’d guess that the game builds you up to that level of insanity.

  2. could they make that video any smaller?

    anyway, the way it shifts from the top screen when you want to use the brush is a bit annoying, i would prefer if the bottom screen displayed the gameplay all the time so that you could just paint on the screen anytime.

    this has got me nostalgic though, i’ll have to dig out my copy of okami, been a while since i last played it.

  3. Does seem to have captured the feel of the original pretty well. It’s almost a shame they didnt hold out to release it on the 3DS.

  4. Looking very nice. Been looking forward to this for ages so it’s good to know the release date is looming.

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