Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for PSP RPG ‘Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together’ is now live, and can be found below. The game is a reinvention of the classic SNES original, and sees some key members of the original development team return to “deliver the ultimate version of this definitive Strategy RPG experience.”

The game is out now in North America, and next Friday in Europe.

Source: Press Release



  1. I want this game because it looks deep, dark and a bit confusing. (but overall a enjoyable experience of pleasure)

    unfortunately both my PSPs are broken and im not buying another one.
    so hopefully this game will be available on the PSN and ill be able to buy it for the NGP sometime when hell freezes over.

  2. Have this on preorder. Have gone back to Final Fantasy Tactics, as never completed it, as a warm up. Wonder if the same team is now looking at remaking Vagrant Story?

  3. Ogre’s are not well known for theit tactical skills, nor for group hugs. Did they just choose words at random to get the name? Let’s see, If i take randome words from the TSA Catch up page I can make the game… Shadow Of Xperia : Moon Academy Super Deluxe.

    • I thought exactly the same until I read that the bloke who has directed the series (known as Ogre Battle as this is a spin-off series) is a big Queen fan and is the name of one of their songs.

      Here’s a link to Youtube if you don’t believe me:

    • Tactics = it has similar mechanics to Matsuno’s other epic, Final Fantasy Tactics.
      Ogre = because it’s inspired from Matsuno’s “Ogre Battle” series.

      Tactics Ogre.

      As mentioned here already, “Let Us Cling Together” is a lyric from a Queen song, Matsuno’s favourite band.

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