Minecraft Coming To iDevice

In news that is sure to excite certain members of Team TSA to the point where they explode in a gush of iDevice / Indie Gaming joy, developer Markus Persson has revealed that Minecraft is to be ported to the iPhone and iPad.

Markus, founder of Mojang (the Swedish developer of Minecraft), has announced that the official port is being handled by a new recruit to the Mojang team: Aron Neiminen.


The game will not receive all the updates the PC version receives, only those that ‘make sense’ for the new touch screen versions.  No release date has been given but expect the title sometime this year.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. yesyesyesyes
    This had better have multiplayer compatability


    • I know that feeling.

    • well you could use minecraft to do a construction studies project…surely you would get some marks for that!
      also good luck in your mocks and in the LC itself mate..i know how fun this time of year is

      • Haha I could…if I was doing construction ;)

        And thanks, just on midterm after doing the mocks. Stress is being severely relieved this week. I forgot what it was like to sleep for more than 4 hours…

  3. Android after please! This is cracking news anyway. May just ask for an Itouch for this Christmas just in case.

    Also hoping for some steam cloud kinda thing linking logins so you can play the same stuff on either device. Also online compatibility would be fantastic. Just gotta wait for the full thing on PC now!

  4. Much welcomed.

  5. Touch? I want buttons!

  6. Now this is good news!!

  7. This awesome… ONLINE Mutliplayer!?

  8. …oh, bugger me senseless. I’ll count myself into the gushing group (though I get the feeling you did that already). Minecraft is quite literally my favourite game ever. I’ve had it for 6 months or so and have played hours of it every week since. Just…

    I have requested an iPad version from Notch via Twitter. And PS3. And 360. This news makes me happy.

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