See The Inside Of DICE Studio

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a development studio looks like? A few different studios have actually given brief tours of their working grounds but never DICE. That changes today as Game Informer has posted a video tour that shows some of the working parts inside the building that hosts the Battlefield creators. Check out the video below and be sure to pitch the idea of workplace pinball tables to your boss.

Source: YouTube via Game Informer



  1. Very slick, I was expecting a darkened, smokey room with nude pictures on nicotine stained walls, in one corner a trash can that is overflowing with big mac wrappers and coke cans, two sides of the room littered with running PC’s and ashtrays in which burning cigars and half burned money lays waste, and through a seperate door a fat cat with a smug smile under a large mustach reads the stock market section of a crumpled news paper and laughs almost uncontrolably just as a gaunt looking man in a boiler suit emptys yet another black bag full of notes into a safe that could rival uncle scrooges money bin made famous by the cartoon Duck tales.

    but seriously very nice

    • TSA Staff, would you please make a contest for the most descriptive comment and award it to this fellow posthaste?

      Also that sounds like my bedroom, only with a fat dog with a smug smile.

      • Tghat’s no way to talk about your wife. shame on you!

      • Wow, and all in one sentence too ;-)

  2. I love the old pub style graphics on the glass of the games room.

  3. Ah ha – stereotype expectations are no dashed.

  4. Ah, so this is what heaven looks like.

  5. I still prefer Naughtydogs studio ,that place is awesome, but this was beter than I expected :)

  6. Looks great. I would like to see inside Naughty Gogs studio

  7. at 0:23 I thought it was a sniper rifle on the balcony….

  8. “couple of projects we can’t talk about”
    hopefully battlefield 2143, PSN+XBLA and Mirrors Edge 2!

    Also no surprise to see EA sports active 2 in the gym, No one using it is also unsurprising!

  9. yeah dice showed us round their office before about a year ago.wonder why they decided to show us again.

  10. Lol at the guy sneezing @2:23 ;)

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