German Police Raid Hacker’s Home

As seen from Simon Parkin’s engaging chronicle about “The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2“, German cops are really into turning up at the end of your bed in the dead of night while pointing their Sig Sauer P6s in your general, sleepy direction. Only if you’ve got an unhealthy penchant for hacking, of course.


According to a hacker on PSX-scene, the covert coder claims:

“Guys, SONY was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts. So be careful from now on.”

The thought of Sony Special Agents accompanying the Stadtpolizei on a house raid is pretty incredulous. That said, it does look like the electronics giant is stepping up their assault on hackers both electronically and, it seems, in person.

As a retort, the hacker in question released his “”Hypervisor Bible” – a compendium of tools, tricks and secrets to assist others in continuing on the “cause.”

As always, TheSixthAxis not only frowns upon piracy and other forms of illegal activity, but we even grimace and grunt toward it, too.

Source: PSX-Scene



  1. Yep, I definitely grunt in the face of piracy, occasionally in a silent but violent manner.

  2. Wow, just wow. Unless this is made up and the the german police serieously lets a part in a lawsuit participate in a raid against the opponent then something is seriously broken in their legal system.

  3. Yeah, that’s how you do it. Show em Sony!

  4. Like it, Like it a lot, the lesson is don’t hack and if you do don’t tell everyone on your blog

  5. If you read on the actual topic the person actually said to pass certain files on and keep reuploading them.

  6. Would someone care to explain why they dislike hackers? As long as they are not using it as a means to piracy then why do you have a problem with it?

    I mean, in the 80’s and 90’s it was these guys who were pushing the boundaries of gaming. Now you have all the Call of Duty generation of gamer bitches talking out their arse and confusing hacking and piracy.

    • I understand you there mate , the meaning has changed over last decade. Just the same as no one talks about pokes no more !

    • Hacking ni this case has allowed piracy or dont you have enough info

      • And?

        I understand why Sony dislike copyright infringement. What I don’t understand I why society seems to value corporate profit over the right to do whatever you please with it, including discussing and spreading information about how something works.

        When did personal freedom and customer rights become valueless? When did it become OK for a business to take something back from its customers to protect its profits?

        Yes it’s bad that people copy illegally. It’s also bad the mechanisms used to prevent it prevents tinkering with the machine and learning. What is most valuable to society? Game company profits, or having people able to learn something?

  7. Piracy is fork hunts!

    Hope he learns his lession…..the [email protected]

  8. Good to hear, although I fear this will cause Hackers to retaleate more.

  9. Hell to Hackers, honey where’s my pitchfork?!?

  10. the hacker is trying to encourage more people to upload the tools to take down “the evil Sony”. I hope gets fine a sh*tload of money and will be forced to hand the code he used.
    I bet one day these hacker will lauch a massive attack against Sony by bringing down the servers.:(

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