German Police Raid Hacker’s Home

As seen from Simon Parkin’s engaging chronicle about “The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2“, German cops are really into turning up at the end of your bed in the dead of night while pointing their Sig Sauer P6s in your general, sleepy direction. Only if you’ve got an unhealthy penchant for hacking, of course.


According to a hacker on PSX-scene, the covert coder claims:

“Guys, SONY was today at my home with police and got all my stuff and accounts. So be careful from now on.”

The thought of Sony Special Agents accompanying the Stadtpolizei on a house raid is pretty incredulous. That said, it does look like the electronics giant is stepping up their assault on hackers both electronically and, it seems, in person.

As a retort, the hacker in question released his “”Hypervisor Bible” – a compendium of tools, tricks and secrets to assist others in continuing on the “cause.”

As always, TheSixthAxis not only frowns upon piracy and other forms of illegal activity, but we even grimace and grunt toward it, too.

Source: PSX-Scene



  1. Somehow I don’t believe this story one little bit.

  2. Did they remember to get the Flag too?

  3. Bad move Sony, bad move.

  4. Dear Sony, how about adding some 21st century features to your console firmware (like autosyncing trophies, cross game chat and cloud saving), instead of focusing all your attention on playing cops and robbers? Sad.

    • Why does everyone seem to think its their right to have these features on their ps3? I don’t understand why people get annoyed about them not being there. They were never there in the first place and nobody ever said they would be. Sony don’t have to add any features to the ps3, personally I’m just happy with the way they’re going. Everybody knew what features were available of the console when they bought it, so why people moan about it not having certain features, I’ll never understand.

      • My point being is, that they should focus on making their firmware better and better – which could make less people willing to switch to custom firmware. Instead, they’re focusing on raiding users homes and adding useless (from a user perspective) but mandatory firmware updates like most since 3.xx

        Of course they don’t need to add anything as you say, but it’s a competitive market and Sony can’t just risk staying behind in the same place. Hardware stay the same for the generation (apart from slight size revisions – though the latest revision from Microsoft just showed that you can actually add features to – like extra USB ports, wi-fi etc), but there’s a great room for improvements on software side.

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