Battlefield 3 Sound Design Explained

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 had one of the greatest sound designs that I personally have ever heard in a modern war game. Improving upon that is no easy task but that’s exactly what DICE and Stefan Strandberg, Audio Director for Battlefield 3, are trying to do. Below is a quick diary conducted by Game Informer that contains footage of Stefan and his colleagues out in the field capturing the sounds that will bring the game to life. Unfortunately there is no Battlefield 3 footage but we’re hoping to get more of that as GDC progresses.

Source: YouTube via Game Informer



  1. What awesome detail/effort these guys put into their games.

  2. Stefan, get a haircut!

  3. “We used a lion as a tank.” best quote of 2011.

  4. Dice are so good they even have their own private army ! These sound guys are the best of the best , i have no doubt they will not let us down .

  5. Das vas fantastichs!!!! Best zound in a video game evar. Whasseva, no big deal.

  6. Wow that is great stuff

  7. if you want to hear what it really sounds like, take off the goddamn ear protectors.

    Bad Company 2 had epic sound design, hope they haven’t screwed that up.

    • same…
      i do however hope weapons have a more metallic look & are less cartoony.

  8. id love a job in their department. cant wait for this badboy to be released.

  9. i saw a similar, but more rural demonstration at warminster a few years ago.
    APCs, infantry, tanks, jets & a hell of alot of explosions, at the end of the exercsie a sniper stood up directly infront of us, he’d been there the whole time and nobody had noticed.

  10. Damn… are they hiring??? BF3 is currently sitting as my most anticipated game this year… and I expecting great things, so I hope they don’t let me down. However, from what I have seen so far, I have no fear of being let down. :)

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