PSN Newcomer Rochard Announced

Rock - Hard... Get it?

You can always depend on a man called John. It’s such a solid, honest name isn’t it? Remember Rambo, that nutcase who tears through the jungle stitching himself up and generally being hard as nails? His first name was John. I rest my case.


It’s a principle that Recoil Games seem to have realised when naming their eponymous hero for their upcoming PSN title. Fortunately, they also seem to have realised that calling a game “John” wouldn’t be the most glamourous of beginnings. They’ve chosen our hero’s last name for the title: Rochard.

So who is John Rochard and what can he do? Well, he’s a simple astro miner who finds himself in a sticky situation and endeavours to use all of his wit and intelligence to puzzle his way out of that situation while climbing and leaping around platforms. John has a G-Lifter, presumably a piece of mining equipment, tha enables him to control gravity like some sort of space-based physics wizard. The tool will be upgradable as you play through and will eventually give you a range of abilities.

It looks a little bit like the wonderful Shadow Complex and it sounds like a cross between Alien Breed and Dead Space, with a little bit of Half-Life 2’s gravity gun thrown in for good measure. We think that sounds like a combination that could be on to a winner and we’ll look forward to having a closer look at the game before its release this Spring.

Here, look at some screens:

Source: Press Release



  1. Anything even remotely like Shadow Complex is a winner, it was a superb game. Shadow Complex crossed with Dead Space and the HL2 gravity gun? Pant stainingly good.

  2. Ferrero Rocher reference? Not too shabby :)

    • these lame puns are one of my favourite features of TSA. :)

  3. Is everyone pronouncing, as Peter has obviously assumed with the nutty-choc reference, as ‘Ro-shard’.

    Gaming naming convention dictates butch names are a must, so surely it’s ‘Roc-Hard’.

    Good thing his first name isn’t Edward.

    • I went for the soft “ch” to aid my sub heading joke but if you hover over the logo image you’ll see that I went for the hard “ch” to point out the other possibility.
      SImply, I don’t know how it’s pronounced but I wanted to make a Ferrero Rocher joke :D

      • And I made a knob gag. This is why you are in charge :)

      • I’m with tc on this one. Pornstar name, surely!

        Anyway, it’s looking great fun. Like Rolling Thunder with a gravity gun! :-)

        Consider my interested ramped up to “well, hello!” levels.

    • >____< I didn't even think of pronouncing it as Roc-Hard. I am teh fail.

  4. sounds good, some of the best times i’ve had playing half life 2 were spent with that gravity gun thing, so any game that lets me use a similar device to creatively kill who knows how many NPCs, is ok in my book. ^_^

  5. This looks great. Hope it will play well and live up to the screens.

  6. Looks like a 2D Team Fortress graphically. No bad thing, it certainly has all the right ingredients to make a very tasty game.

  7. So are space engineer types the new bald space marines?

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