3DS Gets First Firmware Update

There really isn’t any way to make that headline more appealing. I mean, I was going for ‘Nintendo 3DS gains sentience, takes hostages (gains firmware update)’, but I was given a right telling off.

So, news from Japan is that the console has already received a firmware update. The list of changes has been translated from Japanese, so bear with us:

  • Improved system stability
    More comfortable way to enjoy, and will improve the overall stability of the system.
  • Updating communications capabilities
    We extend some of the ability to receive data, such as Oshirase.
  • Improved network connectivity
    And other wireless Internet access in some Nintendozon, sometimes can not communicate it made measures.
  • “3D images of live music ” added
    Delivering music is “Super Mario Brothers Theme” in, O. Kondou Hiroshi was responsible for the Super Mario series composer (piano) is playing with studio musicians (we think this means a new song has been added).

No mention of any anti-piracy updates to solve the R4 issue, so we wonder if another update is in the works.

Source: Nintendo via NeoGAF



  1. “I was going for ‘Nintendo 3DS gains sentience, takes hostages (gains firmware update).”

    That sounds oddly familiar.

    • Fortunately it isn’t year 2348 yet :)

  2. Ah good that they’re improving it while we wait patiently ;)

  3. New firmware to stop hacking maybe?

  4. Hmmmm no hacking fix, strange.

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