Catherine Announcement Trailer

Did you miss yesterday’s news? Atlus is set to release Catherine this summer in North America. And now, the game’s first trailer in English is available for your viewing pleasure.


The official Catherine website also received an update and now features some screenshots to check out. If you’ve been keeping up with the game, it’s nothing new. Do note that every time you enter the site a new question will appear on the page. Depending on your answer, you’ll be sent to a page dedicated to either Catherine or Katherine. It’s a bit fun refreshing the page just to see what comes up next.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Why am I seriously considering importing the Japanese version of this game?

    • Because you are clever enough to understand it! Smarty pants!

    • I wonder what changes (if any) will be made to the localized version. That might make importing a serious option for some.

  2. The most interesting thing I’ve seen for ages

  3. I have decided I want this game enough to import should it not come to the UK.

  4. Hope its not region locked – would import from US

  5. I have played the japanese demo and, whereas the plot seemed interesting, the puzzle game itself is something that will be cloned as a $2 game on iOS or Android in no time. Even the game trailer when you complete the game has an 80’s arcade version that looks like an iOS game. If the game is priced right, it may be worth it, otherwise. But as a full price title, I will wait for a Persona game, which is what I expected from Atlus on the PS3.

  6. i can’t recall any other game where i’ve seen so much coverage while still knowing so little about the actual game.

  7. That was just as wierd as the other trailers! Ha! Still liking the look of this game though.

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