More L.A. Noire Screens Surface

A fresh batch of L.A. Noire screens have hit the web and we’ve got them below for all to see. Most of them are shots of characters and scenes we’ve already seen but they’re still very sharp looking, none the less. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months or so, L.A. Noire is being developed by Team Bondi, published by Rockstar and will be launching on May 17 in North America and three days later in Europe.

Source: Scrawlfx



  1. Fantastic, you can’t beat it, looking forward to the freshness !

  2. looking forward to this game big time.

  3. Now I will admit, i have been under a rock for the past 6 months.. L.A Noire has only just caught my eye but from the video’s I recently watched I heard the game was only being published by Rockstar?
    Isn’t it Team Bondi that are developing the game?

    • Yep, you’re right. My mistake!

  4. Nice one. This is going to be a great year for Ps3 gaming.

  5. Looks as wonderful as usual. Anticipation … upped.

  6. looks absolutely fantastic :) cant wait for this game, GTA meets Heavy Rain, well thats how i like to think of it

  7. Yeah i was sure Team Bondi were developing LA Noire.

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