3D Videos and Netflix Coming To 3DS

The Game Developers Conference has been the source of a lot of news this week and we’ve got another substantial bit that just came out of Nintendo.

While they didn’t do a ton of elaborating, Nintendo announced that 3D videos and movie trailers will be coming to the 3DS very soon. They also took the time to announce that Netflix will be coming to the 3DS this summer, provided you live in the U.S. or Canada, of course.


The 3DS version will also include the live bookmarking feature that allows you stop a movie on your 3DS and pick back up where you left off on another device.

While the Netflix bit likely won’t interest a lot of you reading this due to region restrictions, if they can do Netflix, I see no reason why they can’t do other streaming services that might be local to your area. Stay tuned for more info.

Source: Nintendo Everything



  1. Watching films on a small (very small!) screen has never appealed to me but each to their own. Maybe is my lazy eyes ;)

  2. How good is the screen this time? Will it be a high enough quality to watch films on?

  3. 3d movies could be a killer app for the 3ds.

    a cost effective way to watch 3d movies, gotta be a few people interested in that.

  4. I wonder how long the battery will last while using these features. Although it will be cheaper than buying a home 3D setup, I feel that most people would prefer to use this on the go as opposed to a la maison.

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