Latest Asphalt 3D Trailer

The latest trailer for the Nintendo 3DS racer ‘Asphalt 3D’ is out, showing some gameplay and customisation footage. The graphics don’t look particularly great on the video, but having seen it running in the flesh it’s not too bad at all.

What is bad however is the small snippet with the Audi R8. Putting flame vinyls on a car like that will be punishable by a stiff beating when I get into power. Vote Dan for 2011!

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks like PS1 graphics.

    • It does, when the video started I thought it could be a game I may like but as soon as the racing started I changed my mind.

  2. Crap game looks like crap.

  3. I just tried this game at the Nintendo 3DS tour in the Metrocentre and it’s not bad by all means! The graphics when playing on the device in 3D are far greater than what you see here. As a whole, 3DS games look significantly better than PSP games, but obviously they’ll be no match to the NGP. Still, 3D DOES make a difference, Kid Icarus looked absolutely stunning when played in 3D!

    I will be picking this up near the 3DS launch, along with the console obviously. What I played of Asphalt 3D was rather fun and visually great, so there you go. :)

    To all, please don’t judge a book by it’s cover…

  4. Thats looks terrible….

  5. Looks really bad when it’s not on 3ds.

  6. Looks pretty good fun to me. Some truly cringe-worthy modification in there, it’s always fun making a nice car look utterly ridiculous.

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