Bungie Drops First Detail On Next Game

Did you notice how I worded it ‘detail’ instead of ‘details’? Hopefully that was your first sign that what we have here isn’t earth shattering, nor does it give us any solid specifics but it does come from Bungie themselves this time. A couple of weeks ago, rumor dropped that Bungie’s next project was going to basically be “World of Warcraft in space.” While they promptly denied the rumor, they gave us a small morsel of info this week at GDC that actually backs up the rumor just slightly. During a panel, Bungie Lead Network Engineer, David Aldridge, stated that their next project is a “massively multiplayer action game.” He didn’t say anything else relating to the project other than just the one line so that’s pretty much all we have to go off.


So, to recap; It’s a massively multiplayer action game, but it’s not World of Warcraft in space. That’s all for now.

Source: IGN



  1. Do you guys think it will be an FPS again

  2. Hmmm… Space MAG? lol

  3. WoW in space, wouldn’t that be Starcraft?

    • World of Starcraft has been rumoured for a while too…
      Though Blizzard might call dibs on making it 1st lol

  4. 6 hrs after posting and still no one cares.

    Is everyone thinking the same as me, can Bungie actually do anything BUT Halo?

    I’m not holding my breath.

    • My thoughts exactly!

      • You’re right, we shouldn’t count on anything good from them.

        After all, they’ve only created one of the largest and most successful franchises in gaming history.

      • Large and successful does not automatically equal awesome. I would like to present exhibit “A” – Starbucks Coffee.

    • Bungie have done Halo and err.. i shall get back to you on that one.*goes to Wiki*

    • “6 hrs after posting and still no one cares.”

      It *was* posted at three in the morning, and though we have a growing NA readership, TSA sees more people commenting from Europe.

      • Still, you would think the North American’s would be the first to comment on this… given Halo is practically an American hero.

        Don’t forget us Aussies, I’m always awake when you post at 3am ;)

    • I believe Bungie is more than capable of pulling off a game that is not Halo. They take their tame and polish it before giving anything away. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Says the man with a Windows logo as his avatar ;)

        I’m sure they CAN pull it off, with enough M$ backing.

    • There’s no reason why the next game could be as big a hit as Halo. Even if it sells half as well Bungie would still be happy.

    • Alternatively, they created a massively generic space marine shooter that Microsoft spent billions advertising to make it popular.

      • I subscribe to your alternative thinking. Units moved does not always equal the best game.

    • No one remember Myth 1 and 2?,damn i loved those games.Squad based medieval Rts’s (possibly one of the first squad based as oppose to command and conquer style?).Anyways memorable if only for the suicide bomber dwarves and flying meat.

  5. Possibly a MMO CoD?

  6. Most likely COD IN SPACE. If it is a space combat based game then they mau have my interest as there have been a lack of decent space combat games.>:(

    • Wouldn’t COD in space just be Halo?

  7. Sounds like Huxley ¬_¬

    • I think Huxley crashed and burned somewhere down the line. At the time of its announcement it was unique, but other MMO FPSs including this and The Agency will likely beat it to the punch.

  8. sounds…..frressssh!

  9. MMO Battlefront style game is what I’m hoping for. Either FPS or TPS using twitch mechanics. (It’s sort of what I hoped Blizzard would do if they ever released a Starcraft Universe, but that name has gone and they’ve taken chuffing ages. That or MMO Planetside.)
    However, a lot of games seem to be going the MMO shooter route after failing to be able to compete with WoW.
    I just hope they can get in with something solid before the market saturates.

    • Blizzard binned Ghost,have they ever done a twitch game?.Stepping away from the done to death mmo market there is no where near saturation for online worlds,looking at Brink and Mag here,and Reach also has alot of persistance going on in it.

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