New Dark Souls Screens

Some new screens of Dark Souls have been released, showing some of the delights that await you throughout your quest. One particularly impressive shot is of an absolutely enormous wolf, which puts those little wimps in Twilight to shame.

The game is due out on PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

Source: Press Release



  1. Screens look pretty good. Is this a Demon’s Souls sequel?

    • Looks pretty similar.

    • This certainly looks very good.
      It’s not a ‘sequel’, it’s more or less the same kind of mechanics/gameplay, set in a somewhat different world.
      With ofcourse some mechanics changes here and there.

      • Cool thanks

      • I think the only reason it isn’t called Demon’s Souls 2 is because it’s multiplatform.

      • wow loved demons souls and it looks the same with new demons, defo buy for me

    • But yes, it’s from the same creators and many people will name it Demon’s Souls 2, at least in their head. =P

    • Why it’s named what it is (and why it’s not officially Demon’s Souls II) all explained here:

  2. Somehow I missed all news of this – and having never played Demon Souls either I feel as though I may have missed out, if these screens are anything to go by. Is Demon Souls still worth checking out?

    • Demon Souls is immense, fun but dead hard!

    • It’s definitely still worth it. Demon’s Souls is rather rough getting into, eventhough there is a basic tutorial, most of the stuff you need to find out on your own. The wiki is awesome, but it’s easy to stumble onto spoilers there :)

    • Definitely check it out, and it’s also selling for around £15 now, which is a sweet sweet bonus.

  3. The wolf looks spectacular, it’s great that it looks like a ‘real life’ wolf and they succeed making it look menacing just because of the size, pose and image composition.

    • I wonder if it’ll be a boss, or a creature to help. You can buy magic shooting teeth from it by trading food…or something.

  4. really looking forward to this one. Demon Souls was amazing and like Diablo 2 I always find myself wanting to play for just 5 more minutes haha. I hope they add more variety in armor this time around though.

  5. Ive got demon souls at home, its been sat there for a.month or more. Really thought it was going to be my cup of tea, but after about 2 hours play I’m just not getting into it. Same with castlevania, both sat on my shelf eating up my lovefilm sub. I should probably either force myself to play them or send them back.

    • Demon’s Souls is the game of the generation, and deserves your attention. Give it more of a chance.

      Castlevania Lord of Shadows improves drastically after about 2 hours in… it’s only so-so at the beginning but it does improve.

  6. damn, i bet that guy gets through a tube of toothpaste a week.

    actually brushing those teeth would probably be like painting the forth bridge.

  7. Now THAT’S a shiny suit.

  8. wow, demon’s souls 2; electric boogaloo. clearly.

  9. Looking forward to this, even if it is a spiritual sucsessor to Demon Souls.

  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Demon’s Souls is easily one of (if not the) best games I have played this gen. Amazing atmosphere and none of the namby pamby handholding bullshit that seems to have become commonplace these days.

    The screens look great, that is one seriously big wolf! and the thing with the teeth?!! looks like a raid boss?! :D

    I really need to get back to my New Game + run at some point :)

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