Preview: Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3DS

The Zelda series retains a special place in the hearts of many a gamer, from humble but ambitious beginnings on the NES through to the colossal Ocarina of Time and beyond.  It’s fitting, perhaps, that Nintendo have chosen to update and refresh the seminal N64 classic for the brand new 3DS – it was revolutionary at the time and brought character and richness to a 3D world that just begged to be explored.  Every last inch of it.

It’s not the new 3D technology that impresses the most about Ocarina of Time 3DS, although it’s certainly handled well.  It’s more the updated visuals, boosted in polygon count, texture detail and framerate, that bring this game into the current generation nicely – seeing is believing, of course, and although the new screenshots released (and bundled below) show off the tweaked graphics, playing the game for yourself is really the only way to know just how much has changed.


Naturally, few have had this luxury, but the demo version currently available at the various 3DS showcases around the country (and beyond, of course) shows off the starting areas of the game nicely – Kokiri Forest looks lush and green, The Deku Tree is still a fantastic opening to the grand adventure and Hyrule Field retains that certain something that can’t fail to bring back a rush of joyful, bliss-like memories.

It’s the grand scale of Ocarina that still strikes loudest – looking out over that vast expanse after the first couple of hours of gameplay was a magical moment; and although times have changed over the years the first 3D Zelda game still feels big enough to impress, the desire to start the adventure over again as strong as it is on the 3DS as it’s ever been.

From the innocent beginnings to the huge turnabout at the Temple of Time and beyond, Ocarina represents the zenith of videogame storytelling, a tale that hasn’t dulled in the retelling and still manages to resonate strongly at the key points.  It’s a beautiful, thoughtful adventure, one that never rushes nor chastises the player for taking things at their own pace, yet still manages to reward our innate desire to eke out every last morsel of what Hyrule has to offer.

It’s no secret I’m a huge Zelda fan – Ocarina of Time is easily in my top three all time videogames and the chance to play it through afresh with updated aesthetics is more than enough.  Should we be asking for new features, new secrets, new temples?  Possibly, but I for one am happy enough with the ‘vanilla’ Ocarina game – after all, it’s infinitely better as it is than most of the ‘AAA’ fluff released today.

Bring it on.



  1. If/when I do get a 3DS, I’ll definitely have to get this. Come on, it’s ranked as the best game ever on numerous sites, deserves a playthrough don’t you think?

  2. This is one of those games I always wanted on the n64, but never had. But I’ve still played a handful of hours of this game with friends and stuff. And if I do buy a 3ds at some point (considering waiting for the 3DSi) this will be the first game I’ll buy.

  3. This looks simply amazing. It’s even better looking than N64 original

  4. This actually makes me want a 3DS.
    C’mon Nintendo sweeten the deal that little bit more and you’ve got a sale.

  5. Thing is, if I got this I’d still get stuck at the mirror Link bit at the lake. Same as I did on each of the 4 times I played thru on the N64!!

    *insert dunce smiley here*

    • Two words: Megaton Hammer.
      He can mirror everything else you use, but not that ;)

  6. They’ve fixed the shops! No longer a blurry mess! SO HAPPY! Looks nice, nice words, too, Al! I played it and thought it was great. The 3D was nice… ;)

  7. I need this in my life. 3DS and this under £200 and they have a deal.

  8. Nintendo – hey, do you want to buy a 3DS?
    Gamer – Not sure yet. I haven’t seen much in the launch line-up to convince me.
    Nintendo – not even Ocarina of Time?
    Gamer – yeah, but isn’t this like the 4th or 5th time you’ve released that game?
    Nintendo – but… here’s some screenshots.
    Gamer – Here’s my money. Take as much as you want.

  9. I read these stories every year or so – ‘cos Ninty releases a Zelda remake every year – and I always think I should play one. I never do. I think Nofi should buy me an N64.

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