Ronnie O’Sullivan is the Face of WSC Real 2011

Three times former World Champion Ronnie O’Sullivan will be the cover star of World Snooker Championship Real 2011. Developed by Dark Energy Sports and published by Koch Media, WSC Real 2011 promises to be the most realistic snooker experience on consoles or PC to date.

Planned for a release during Q2 of this year, WSC Real 2011 sports real players, real locations and real tournaments. It’s not called “Real” for a laugh.


Snooker fans will also be able to go online and compete with fellow enthusiasts around the world, while reliving their best shots and/or cock-ups using the game’s proprietary rewind time and replay feature.

Check out some recently released screens below.

Source: Press release



  1. Ronnie the Rocket

  2. Anyone seen that video of him doing an interview in China? Lad.

  3. I haven’t played a snooker game since Jimmy White’s Cueball (at least I think that’s what it was called). Although I did buy Hustle Kings last year and rather enjoyed it before it got stupidly difficult towards the end. Maybe I will check this out….

  4. Yeah, but how much will I get for a 147 break?



      • That would be cool. If you can match Ronnie O’Sullivan’s record, you could have a plat in 5 minutes and 20 seconds!! ;)

      • I guess the joke went un-noticed…:)

    • I get it mate. Might get to the black and stop if it’s nothing!

  5. We are in 2011, and those character models reminded me of a snooker game on ps1 (honestly)
    Come on developers all you need to render are two people and a very small immobile crowd, and a table which is the same colour all the way through.

    I have no doubt Guerilla games could make a 1080p60 snooker game with vsync!

  6. I’ll keep a keen eye on this as I haven’t played a snooker video game since my PS2 days. I did download Inferno Pool from the PSN which was a lot of fun, so a serious snooker game would be ‘interesting’. ;)

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