Peter Dille Leaves SCEA

Word out of the IGN camp today is that Sony Computer Entertainment of America Marketing Executive, Peter Dille, has left Sony after his second stint with the company. You may recognise Peter from E3 last year when he presented a few of Sony’s new marketing tactics, as well as having some humorous banter with Kevin Butler.


Peter rejoined Sony in 2006 for his second run with the company after leaving a seven year position with THQ. Before joining THQ in 1999, Peter worked at Sony for the majority of the 90’s and was one of the executives on board when the original PlayStation launched. No word was given on why Peter is leaving or if it was a voluntary resignation. Below is the statement that Sony released to IGN.

Peter has been a dedicated and valued member of the PlayStation team for more than 5 years, leading the North American marketing efforts since PlayStation 3 launch in 2006, as well as helping establish the PlayStation Network as a comprehensive entertainment solution in this territory.

The leadership of our marketing effort is a key to the continued growth of the PlayStation brand, and the deep bench of executives and marketing team at SCEA will continue to drive the marketing function in North America until we establish a replacement. We wish Peter well in his future endeavors.

Source: IGN



  1. Peter Dille? Who he! You’re just looking for any excuse to feature KB in an article!

  2. Gone but not forg…who are we talking about again?

  3. He’s had no easy task on his hands with the PS3 but I think he can be pretty proud with the market position the machine is in today.
    Best of luck to the man and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back again one day.

  4. Best of luck Billy – PS3 FTW

  5. Never heard of the guy before today but, Good Luck!

  6. Seems a strange one!

  7. Here’s hoping SCEE snap him up at some point – they could do with some of his ideas!

  8. Always leave a job when your impact and achievements are at there peak.

    I’m not saying that PS3 is going to go downhill here, just that the turnaround in PS3’s fortunes is most evident now so it will make the hunt for another job much easier.

  9. I’m sure whichever company snaps him up, will be lucky to have him, seems a nice down to earth guy.

  10. All the best to him. He was a bit out of his depth on stage at E3 last year but did a good job regardless.

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