Take-Two Reveals Franchise Sales Figures

Take-Two have revealed sales figures for some of their more popular franchises. No surprises who’s on top, but the rest of the list might make you do a double-take. Midnight Club? Really?

The document also claims that the company is “profitable without the release of a new Grand Theft Auto.” Always nice to know you can make a penny without relying on one particular cash cow. Here’s the list of the million dollar club.

Grand Theft Auto:
– 100 Million For Series
– 20 Million For GTA IV

Midnight Club:
– 18 Million For Series

– 10 Million For Series

– 8 Million For Series

Red Dead Redemption:
– 8 Million

Max Payne:
– 7 Million For Series

Carnival Games:
– 7 Million For Series

– 5 Million For Series

– 4 Million

– 4 Million

Source: Take2Games (via Gaf)



  1. thats a lotta copies! can only get bigger with a new bioshock on the way and there’s no doubt they are doing another red dead and GTA. they’ll come along at some point

    • dont forget borderlands 2! cant wait for that

      • Yes! However I was under the impression that it sold more.

      • Same i thought Borderlands sold more then that

  2. Do Take-Two actually put their names to any of the titles they publish? Looking down that list I can see a lot of 2K Games’ titles, if it wasn’t for this article I wouldn’t have associated any of them with Take-Two.

    • 2K Games is a subsidiary of Take-Two.

      • Yeah, I realise that, but I’m just surprised that there’s not a splash screen with the Take-Two logo when you fire up, say, Mafia 2 or Bioshock. I thought they’d be more forthcoming in taking credit for the titles. Or maybe there is and I just don’t remember it :)

      • they used to with the old gta ‘original’ gta games

      • It depends. Often only the “nearest” up the food chain in terms of publisher gets billing.

        I’m not sure but I don’t know if ZeniMax Media’s logo appears on every Bethesda Softworks game.

  3. Pretty much confirms Borderlands 2 after Gearbox is done with Duke Nukem

    • They already said that Borderlands 2 would be a “no-brainer” considering sales numbers of Borderlands 1.

  4. Not three bad.

    • Need to get RDR – still havent got round to it :-(

  5. Impressive numbers. Nice to see them doing well.

  6. Carnival games, 7 million?!

  7. RDR – Eight million? Wow. Awesome stuff and well deserved.

    • But is RDR 8M, RDR on it own or RDR plus sales DLC?

      You got thing about this do number include DLC, as that multiple times for same thing.

  8. What a stellar list of games! I didn’t realise Take-Two published so many of them.

  9. Wonder how much sales Civilization Revolution got?
    That game really did just make time disappear!

  10. Big numbers though from the quality of the brands up there (that I’ve played), it’s all justified.

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