MotorStorm 3 Delayed In Japan

Originally slated for the 17th of this month, MotorStorm 3 (known to us as MotorStorm: Apocalypse) has been delayed in Japan, with a new release date still unannounced. This is due to “various circumstances” possibly linking to last week’s catastrophic 8.9 earthquake that devastated the North East, and was then followed by a tsunami.


Due to there being a power shortage, especially in the Miyagi region, electric companies have advised consumers and businesses alike to cut power usage, meaning Sony’s information and repair centre is currently offline. However, the PlayStation Network is still up and running, though Sony have said that connecting to the service will be patchy over the next week or so.

Sony isn’t the only gaming company taking a knock from last week’s events, as Konami and Square Enix have had to temporarily shut down Metal Gear Online, Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XVI with Capcom cancelling a gallery of events which were to take place over the past weekend.

Here at TSA, we fully understand the severity of last week’s natural disaster, with the death toll climbing into the thousands. Though this story is gaming-related we don’t want to deter readers from the more down-to-earth, harrowing reports which are still circulating in Japan’s North East.

Source: Andriasang



  1. That’s the least of Japan’s worries right now.

  2. Not surprised at all as the game features tsunamis and earthquakes!
    I think SCEE should advertise MS:A as ‘giving a pound from every copy sold to help the great country recover’

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