MotorStorm 3 Delayed In Japan

Originally slated for the 17th of this month, MotorStorm 3 (known to us as MotorStorm: Apocalypse) has been delayed in Japan, with a new release date still unannounced. This is due to “various circumstances” possibly linking to last week’s catastrophic 8.9 earthquake that devastated the North East, and was then followed by a tsunami.


Due to there being a power shortage, especially in the Miyagi region, electric companies have advised consumers and businesses alike to cut power usage, meaning Sony’s information and repair centre is currently offline. However, the PlayStation Network is still up and running, though Sony have said that connecting to the service will be patchy over the next week or so.

Sony isn’t the only gaming company taking a knock from last week’s events, as Konami and Square Enix have had to temporarily shut down Metal Gear Online, Final Fantasy XI, and Final Fantasy XVI with Capcom cancelling a gallery of events which were to take place over the past weekend.

Here at TSA, we fully understand the severity of last week’s natural disaster, with the death toll climbing into the thousands. Though this story is gaming-related we don’t want to deter readers from the more down-to-earth, harrowing reports which are still circulating in Japan’s North East.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Disaster Report 4 has been cancelled, too.

    • Completely cancelled? Woah, I thought that was pretty far along.

      • But obviously completely justified.

  2. understandable they’d put the release off, they did the same thing in new zealand after the earthquake there.

  3. It would be very poor judgement to release any game with those themes at this time. Maybe in 6 months if at all.

    • Yeh, although I’m sure these are the main reasons for cancelling, people must have started to think it would have been distasteful to release a game based around an earthquake so soon after the disaster.

  4. I think it’s a good idea to delay the game in a couple of months time, maybe after summer or longer!
    Was reading the Metro, worst crisis since WWII!
    Onagawa, Sendai and Fukushima (Nuclear Reactors) got hit hard. I hope they will recover and my heart goes out to survivors who lost their home, and to Hiromitsu Shinkawa for surviving 2 days in the sea. I hope there are other survivors as they have been some reports they are missing.

  5. All the best to those affected. Still waiting to hear from a mate I met backpacking who lives in Tokyo :(

  6. I really hope lots of survivors are found. I can’t imagine what it must be like for those affected. My heart goes out to them.

  7. I moan a lot about living in England but these things always make me realise how lucky I actually am.

    • Yeah, we moan about mother nature here but it’s pretty mild compared with a lot of places around the world.
      I hope there’s a lot more survivors than what they fear.

  8. Watching the devastation there is truly shocking and put’s everything into perspective.

    • Completely agree, and it’s not just the loss of life, it’s the complete and utter devastation of everything, whole towns swept out to sea, tanker ships swept inland, docks and ports ablaze, it’s just mind boggling how much has been destroyed. I really do hope the country can recover as soon as possible and that the death toll is not as high as feared.

  9. I pray they find survivors… I wish i was there to help people… :[

  10. Media sensitivity always kicks in when there’s an (inter)national disaster. I remember Martika’s single, ‘I Feel The Earth Move’ being pulled from playlists when San Francisco had a nasty ‘quake.

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