Game BAFTA Winners Complete List

Here we have the full list of tonight’s big winners. Obviously we’ll have a more comprehensive write up of how the evening went just as soon as our correspondent has stopped trying to chat up Sir Ben Kingsley.

Heavy Rain was the night’s biggest winner, scooping three awards with Sony Computer Entertainment the most successful publisher, grabbing a total of four. We’ve been promised an embedded video at some point through the night for those of you that missed the live stream. For now, though, here is this years Game BAFTAs honour roll:


    • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
      Gaëlec Simard
      Ubisoft Entertainment/Ubisoft Montreal

    • God of War III
      Stig Asmussen, Ken Feldman, Cecil Kim
      Sony Computer Entertainment/SCE Santa Monica Studio

    • Mass Effect 2
      Development Team
      Electronic Arts/BioWare

    • Kinect Sports
      Development Team
      Microsoft Games Studios/Rare

    • Super Mario Galaxy 2
      Koichi Hayashida, Yoshiaki Koizumi, Takashi Tezuka

    • Cut the Rope
      Efim Voinov, Semyon Voinov

    • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
      Development Team
      Electronic Arts/Criterion Games

    • Heavy Rain
      Normand Corbeil
      Sony Computer Entertainment/Quantic Dream & XDev Studio Europe

    • My Empire
      Development Team

    • F1 2010
      Development Team
      Codemasters/Codemasters Birmingham

    • Heavy Rain
      David Cage, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Scott Johnson
      Sony Computer Entertainment/Quantic Dream & XDev Studio Europe

    • WINNER: Civilization V
      Jon Shafer, Dorian Newcomb, Brian Wade
      2K Games/Firaxis

    • WINNER: Heavy Rain
      David Cage, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Scott Johnson
      Sony Computer Entertainment/Quantic Dream & XDev Studio Europe

    • WINNER: Battlefield: Bad Company: 2
      Stefan Strandberg
      Electronic Arts/DICE/05.03.10
  • BAFTA ONES TO WATCH AWARD (in association with Dare to be Digital)

    • WINNER: Twang
      Jocce Marklund, Annette Nielsen, Linus Nordgren, Marcus Heder, Thomas Finlay
      (That Game Studio)
  • GAME AWARD OF 2010 (Public Vote)

    • WINNER:Call of Duty: Black Ops
      Activision Blizzard UK Ltd/Treyarch

    So, what do you think, deserved winners?

    Note: Rockstar apparently withdrew Red Dead Redemption from the awards.



    1. Some worthy winners there, I would be hard pushed to argue with any of them.

      Congrats to BlOps for getting the public vote award too

    2. Why did they withdraw Red Dead??

      • rumour is that they were annoyed at GTA IV being overlooked. Don’t quote me on that though

        • Peter Chapman: “rumour is that they were annoyed at GTA IV being overlooked. Don’t quote me on that though”

        • Wow red dead was my vote if i remember rightly, cant believe they withdrew it, would have been a sure thing imo

      • I didn’t clock that either. My vote went to RDR too. Not that it’d have made a difference I’d wager. Chances are that all the votes that went to CoD came from people who’s only gaming purchase come once in year in the form of CoD and a headset.

        • i never really pat attention to the public vote. it always seems to sway heavily on one direction. great list of winners though, well deserved to all else

        • Hmmm!!!
          You make it sound like the people who only buy 1 game a year are in someway inferior to you and deserve less of a vote thank you because you buy many games.

        • *than not thank, <:-)

    3. F1 2010 Won Best Sports! Yessss!

      Also glad to see Bad Company 2 win best sound, and glad to see AC: Brotherhood won best Action. I think they got things mostly right there.

      Although as many people noted at the time, how did Fallout: New Vegas get into the Strategy category? Is that just because they dont have an RPG category so group them together like they do with sports games and racing games?

      • probably, at least partially.
        Game genres are almost totally defunct at this point though, calling Fallout New Vegas an RPG is slightly odd. Action RPG? kinda. There is strategy in there too in weight and equipment management as well as strategic targeting. It’s an amalgam of many genres, like most other games outside of the very obvious.
        Equally, is Borderlands an FPS or an RPG? For that matter, I play Gran Tursimo 5 mostly like an RPG, levelling up to buy better equipment to fight bigger foes to level up more…
        Sorry, rambled a bit – I’ve become really interested in the concept of genres recently…

        • If there was an RPG category, it’s likely ME2 would have won it anyway, isn’t it?

        • Dammit Chloe, pressed Submit too soon.

          RPG now seems to be an added layer to other genres, like an FPS, hack n’ slasher or even a driving game like GT5, rather than a genre in its own right. Even forming squads in online FPS, requires a good mix of different classes, all levelling up to get better & better equipment.

          Although I haven’t played a proper RPG since Y’s The Vanished Omens on the SEGA Master System, so I might not know what I’m talking about

        • Didn’t they call Fallout a “Strategy Game” which is even worse than RPG.

          Also, nice reference CC…

        • Ah I just saw AG said it was in Strategy, my bad. Should have read your comment properly before replying.

          Does give me a chance to add though; why did FIFA Manager get into the Strategy category but Football Manager 2011 didn’t? Seems a little odd to me.

          On another another note, the parts of the show I watched were dire. I know it’s not TV and Film but half the people going up on stage looked like a bunch of scrubbers. Should have got TC up there, bet he was looking dapper.

          Couple that with the fact that all those presenting awards were unfunny or no marks Dara O’Brien had a difficult job trying to pull it out of the doldrums.

          I guess I should be pleased with the progress though. At least it’s a recognised medium now…

    4. I agree with a fair few of the winners. Nice to see Heavy Rain win a few. It mat not have been everyone’s cup of tea but it was certainly innovative and well written.

    5. Agree thoroughly with Use of audio. Good to see Codemasters take the sports award, especially from the annual giant that EA Sports put out. Well done to Ubisoft too for the awesome Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

    6. StarCraft II didn’t win anything.

      • There was only one category it was really going to win, and that’s strategy. The difference in quality between that and Civ V it could have gone either way really.

    7. Agree with pretty much all of them, especially use of audio with BFBC2. I would have eaten my left testicle if BFBC2 didn’t win that. I’m saddened that the public chose CoD over Red Dead in the GAME award…I voted for Heavy Rain myself, but the outcome was to be expected I suppose. I remember when game had a top 100 list and customers picked the winers. CoD4 came out as number 1 over Ocarina of Time and FF VII. I am still shocked to this day.

    8. Excuse me fellas, but ‘Twang’? What the hell is that?

    9. I was chatting up Duncan from Blue, not Sir Ben. Anyway, it’s all written up, I’m off to bed.

      • Off to bed with Duncan? Gonna have to do a lot to top Jordan!

        • Trying to blag remix rights on their Eurovision or rights to something far more sordid?

    10. Well done to Cut The Rope. I didn’t expect that.
      Nice to see Hot Pursuit winning.

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