Gaming BAFTAs Tonight

Tonight, the great and the good of the video games industry (and Tuffcub) will be congregating in a top secret London location* for the video game BAFTAs. There will be a live stream of the show, hosted by champion of gaming culture, Dara Ó’Briain, on the BAFTAs website from 20:45 GMT.

Tuffcub wil be there, representing TheSixthAxis (and on his best behaviour) so we can expect all of the gossip from the red carpet, news of who made what fashion faux pas and any other behind-the-scenes shenanigans he can bear witness to.


We’ve also been told that there will be a video of the whole ceremony online sometime after midnight so when that goes live we’ll try to get it embedded into a post for you.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that, when most of the established media is quick to condemn video games, the prestigious British Academy is all too willing to celebrate the successes of the industry. Hopefully everyone has a great night.

*It’s not really a secret, the ceremony is in the London Hilton.



  1. ‘behind-the-scenes shenanigans he can /bear/ witness to.’
    Haha, I see what you did there.

    • thanks, I’m pitching to host these things next year. I wonder how many people would get our in-jokes?!

      • At least, like, 20 people. That’s enough right? I mean how many people can there be that play these ‘game’ things.

      • They turn people into rapists and drive people to murder, don’t they? Horrific things.

      • @Dexter – that made me laugh far more than it ought to have…

        Also go TC

      • I’m not sure whether Josh was being ironic and in-jokey or not when he showed up in a lbp tshirt when I hooked up with him and tuffcub in London a while ago, but I bet his cost more than £3.99 ;-)

      • I’m glad you finally picked up on that ;)

        It was £8.

      • Us over 30s are a bit slower on the uptake!

  2. Hope Dead Space 2 wins lots of awards.

  3. This should be interesting…..

    • skyp my girlfriend or watch this? :/ oh dear

  4. tuffcub, please try not to ruin anything.I heard what happened at Game. what did it cost TSA to bribe him into behaving? :OP

  5. I assume it will just COD getting the awards, based on popularity rather than quality

    • Like any other game shortlisted? (Haz not looked at whos shortlisted)

  6. i wonder if the video will work on the ps3 browser.

    there seems to be a bit of controversy because red dead redemption isn’t entered to win any prizes other than the public vote category.

    but if rockstar didn’t enter the title then it’s down to them, according to the sites i’ve read rockstar are upset gta iv didn’t win anything when it came out, so that’s why they didn’t enter RDR in any categories this year.

    • gta iv was crap

      • it wasn’t crap, it just wasn’t that much fun.
        technically it was a pretty outstanding achievement.

      • It was still a good game, but it didn’t really grab my attention after completing the story.

      • to be honest i prefered the serious tone of the game. i don’t understand peoples problems with “boring” games and films that are there to make you think

      • it wasn’t boring, it just wasn’t a lot of fun.
        the gta games had always been about fun.

  7. Just jumping im the shower before getting changed (eurgh I look like bouncer) then off to the Hilton.

    Next year we nede to sort a video crew, I want to ask Sophie Ellis Bextor (she’s bound to be there I bet any money) what she thinks of Crysis 2.

    • Cant you ask her what she thinks of Da blob? Or your red Johnson?

  8. it’s a shame these aren’t show on tv anywhere.

  9. Hoping AC:B does well this year, it has a brilliant SP and it’s MP is totally unique.

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