GAME Announces New UK Show

The UK retail giant, GAME, has announced a new consumer show for video games. The three day show, entitled “Gamefest”, will take place between the 16th and 18th of September this year, pre-dating the Eurogamer Expo by a week.

GAME have promised that the show is not a money making venture, it is aimed at getting product in front of consumers as early as possible. With a more central location at the NEC in Birmingham and, we assume, the backing of all major publishers who will already have deep-set relationships with GAME, this could be quite a show.


We’re already making arrangements for the Eurogamer Expo this year but we have to say, a major UK show that isn’t run by – and largely for – a competing media outlet has the potential to be so much more useful to us as reporters. Whether it gains traction with consumers is going to be a matter of great interest.

Source: CVG



  1. Hmm Birmingham isn’t too far from me, If its an open event I may pop along!

    • I was thinking the same. It’s only a short hop up the M1/M6 for me.

      • M62, M6, M42, A45 and I’m there, a serious consideration for me. Always wanted to go to an expo but they are usually out of the country. I’m gonna look into this.

    • About 6 to 7 hours for me, but with the British traffic it’ll be more like 8.
      Think I may give it a miss.

  2. They need to look at the name though – Microsoft is having a conference of the same name and its going to Chelsea on the 14th and 15 of July :S

    • Game have used gamefest for past something years with internal events, past three Microsoft have helped pay for. i think there was another gamefest as well last year by another party. in all, maybe they all need to think of a new name

  3. Time to make a consumer show but not enough sense to come up with a decent trade in / pre-owned pricing structure?

  4. 90 – 120 mins in my PocketRocket, I would defintely give this a go. Although, for a second I thought you meant new show as in someone was going to wear the ‘Game Masters Monicle’ and give the show of shows a new lease of life!

    • If only that was true. With the tips section at the end.

      • “Press up, down, left, left and fire to get the red outfit.”
        Those tips were cool… in their day.

  5. Yey, something in the middle of the country & incredibly easy to get to that’s gaming related. ZOMG with a side order of Awesomesauce

    • We should organise a TSA member outing lol.

      • Tuffcub did that years ago. ;-)

    • Not central to me, nearly 200 miles away. Even more if you live in Scotland.

      • don’t you get the edinborough games festival?

    • Yup. Good to see something in the middle of the country instead of sodding London for once. Might have to go to this

  6. With this and the interest of PAX coming over to the UK, us gamers could finally be getting some decent events to attend.

    • I know Game/EB used to host a 2-3 day annual conference for its retail employees along these lines, I imagine they have decided to open that up to the public.

      • its going to follow directly after employees show

  7. Ohoh, I could actually go to this. I’d imagine Birmingham isn’t nearly as expensive as London.

  8. I’m guessing that due to the content of some games that this event will be strictly 18+. Anyone think it might be open to all ages?

    • They’ll probably do what Eurogamer do and section off a chunk of the space with bouncers.

  9. Sounds like a large car boot sale for pre-owned games to me

  10. Birmingham would be great. I’d def be going.

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