Super Street Fighter IV 3D TV Spot

Commercials for Super Street Fighter IV 3D are starting to air in North America and it’s a pleasant surprise. Not because there’s a TV spot, but because who’s involved. Capcom actually went to the fighting game community and worked with Redrapper so that he could provide his musical talents for the commercial. It’s not often that you see a company so willing to embrace its community.

Check out the TV spot below.


The full version of the song made its debut at EVO 2K10, the biggest fighting game tournament in North America, for the Super Street Fighter IV Finals. It’s pretty neat, so be sure to check it out.

Source: Capcom Unity



  1. Have you not seen the Wu Tang Clan promoting the Colour GameBoy,

    • lol I don’t see how that is similar aside from music being involved.

  2. Quite like it actually. Looks pretty good although I am not that impressed with the graphics.

  3. The graphics look alright. I won’t buy a 3DS though. Hopefully we’ll see a new Street Fighter for Sony’s NGP.

  4. that’s some good music.
    listening to some of his other stuff he’s pretty good.

    good choice to use that track for the ad.

  5. The song sounds like Hush

  6. And someone was saying the other day that the 3DS’ gfx looked like a pixar movie…

    Thumbs up though Capcom with the commercial, i’m sure the street fighter fanbase will appreciate it very much :)

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