Square Enix Cancel Gun Loco

Square Enix has cancelled third person shooter Gun Loco, according to their microsite for the game.

The game was due for release this year as an Xbox 360 exclusive, and featured men in bunny suits, lots of guns and twelve player online battles.


You can read more about Gun Loco here, and view some now unfortunately retrospectively disappointing screenshots.

There’s no explanation as to why it’s cancelled, just that it is.

Source: NeoGAF.



  1. I’m not missing out on anything, as I’m not an XBoxer, but I always find cancelled projects a bit sad. Someone put in quite a few hours on something that will never see the light of day.

  2. So it wasn’t loco enough, was that it?

    • For an Xbox game, apparently not

  3. It doesn’t look like we are missing out on much does it?

  4. Judging by the looks of that I’d say good call on Squeenix’s part. What they were thinking?

    They have time to waste on crap like this and I still have not heard a thing about Kingdom Hearts (ps)3! Which is, you know, a game that people would actually buy.

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