Amazon Launches Android Store in US

This happened yesterday but I was too busy being one of roughly six and a half billion people who aren’t in the United States to notice. Yes, (not, .fr or even .ca) has launched their Android Appstore to US customers. It even says on the front page: “The Amazon Appstore is only available to customers in the United States”.

Not that I’m bitter, It’s just that I have an Android device waiting to receive some decent apps that aren’t six-month-old rereleases of iPhone Apps I’ve already deleted. It would be nice if the Android marketplace got a little more organised, a little less confusing and a lot more quality content up.


This move from Amazon has the potential to do that and limiting a software delivery platform for an Open Source operating system to one small country, even if it is the most spend-happy, seems a bit counter intuitive. Perhaps they’ll let us lowly rest-of-worlders in at some point in the future? Perhaps we’ll have to accept the US Dollar as our currency and start hanging flags in our classrooms first?

Anyway, enough of the ill-concealed jealousy for all things American, the news here is that there’s now another marketplace for Android Apps and if you’re quick you might even be able to grab the “Amazon AppStore Exclusive” Angry Birds Rio for free. It’s very good, I got it on my iPhone, exclusively, yesterday.

So, what do you think, fandroids? Good news, too limited or another complication in an already fragmented delivery system?

Will you be purchasing from Amazon or sticking with your current methods of buying? Where do you buy your Android Apps from? Seriously, please tell me, this thing hasn’t been charged in over a week.

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  1. Unless it ends up as a standout place for things that I can’t get elsewhere I won’t be going anywhere near Amazon’s marketplace.

    No need to buy anything for Android either really, if you look you can find anything you want for free. Granted it may be lacking in good games compared to fruitier brands but I have literally no desire to play games on my phone.

    • here here , games on phones just arent for me . I want digital radio, e-book readers, guitar tuners , ukulele tabs , spirit levels , sat navs for running , recipes , twitter , Paddy Power , torch, Footy etc
      I have a ps3 , psp and Ds which i prefer to game on.

  2. Just did an experiment – went to and priced up a random app (Photovault). It’s down as $1 on Amazon, but on google marketplace as +/- £1.23. If that’s the same for all apps, and it isn’t a special opening offer, then it’s about half the price at Amazon. Nice.

  3. Nice to see amazon standing up to apples lawsuit which is what prevents them from making this more available and streamlined. I dont see why apple should have a monopoly on apps when the android base is growing stronger every month

    • well, that depends on patents and copyright. As far as I know (and I only skimmed headlines), the Apple lawsuit is concerned with Amazon infringing their rights to the name “Appstore”. That seems like a fairly solid case to me but closing down the digital distribution of software to mobile devices is incredibly unlikely. The Android marketplace is global, there’s no excuse for Amazon to restrict theirs.

      • The problem with this is that App Store is a pretty generic term, just like “Grocery Store” would be.

  4. Chuffed to bits Amazon are doing this as Android users will finally have a consolidated place with everything at their fingertips. Sure, you might find things cheaper if you have a good nose around but with it all under one roof (and prices comparable to iTunes) what’s not to like.

  5. Visually speaking I like the Amazon Appstore quite a bit. Seems very organized but because of the exclusive deal with Rovio for Angry Birds Rio I can’t get it for my Android phone since I don’t live in the USA. Had to download it for my work iPhone but my girlfriend would love to play it on her Android phone too…

  6. It’s not well thought out. To download FREE stuff, you still need to enter your credit card which is just plan annoying and inaccessible.

  7. I have always used the AppBrain website , it can be synced up with your phone the same as Itunes . Got to say i like the fact that on the new Amazon app store there are big reviews about what each app does though.
    I’ve never really had a problem with the marketplace probably because i have a rough idea of what im looking for . I just type in “guitar” or “ukulele” and i find various apps free or paid for and i just get them like that .

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