Watch Kratos in New Mortal Kombat Trailer

Though appearing earlier this week in trademarked “shake-o-vision,” a pristine (and official) version of God of War’s Ghost of Sparta, Kratos, beating the living daylights out of people in Mortal Kombat has now materialised for your esurient ocular consumption. Check out the carnage below.


Kratos is, naturally, exclusive to the PS3 version of the Mortal Kombat reboot, due April 21st in Europe. The chaos arrives two days earlier in North America.

Source: YouTube



  1. Shame that we didn’t get to see his fatality, but he’s still looking badass.

    • I have a feeling his fatality is going to be ripping opponent apart :P

    • I bet it’s decapication ;)

      • Actually, isn’t that part of a fatality @ 0:44?

    • I only want to watch the fatalities, straight to youtube for me then.

  2. They should out him on the Xbox version for the lolz

    • Is there an exclusive character on the 360 version? Alan Wake maybe?

      “Go on Al, shine yer torch in his face” :-)

    • “They should out him” – Is he really gay then?

      • Tight fitting thong with mini-sarong, long leather strappy sandals, steroid enhanced ripped physique adorned by plenty of gold, and you think he’s gay? No way!

  3. Wow, kratos has some badass moves

  4. Kratos moves are brutal I wonder if I can master his combos. Loving this game and the demo was even brilliant. Day 1 purchase and pre-ordered =D

  5. Very tempting …

  6. Essential purchase for me!

  7. Kratos makes the decision on which console to get MK for pretty easy.

  8. That’s absolutely brilliant!! :D And with quicktime actions as well, simply amazing.
    Can’t wait!!

    • That made me smile as well, love the inclusion if QTE in his combo!

  9. I love the way they’ve worked a lot of the GOW3 items into his move set, it’s looking really good. Loved the Nemean Cestus’ appearance in the x-ray move.

  10. Haha, loved the quicktime thing. Awesome.

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