Tesco To Sell 3DS For £175

We all know what happened the last time Tesco advertised the 3DS at an amazing price – it turned out to be an ‘error’. However, MCV are now reporting that as of midnight tonight the supermarket chain will be selling Nintendo’s new handheld for £175, trouncing the next best deal of £187. To put that into perspective, some places are still selling the DSi XL for £160.


I’ve personally not witnessed a price war like this before, and it’s a very good deal.

Source: MCV



  1. I’m a bit stuck now, as I’ve already placed a £10 deposit at GAME a looooooong time ago. I would rather pay £175 than £219.99 if I’m honest…

    What do do, what to do…. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. :(

    • Can you get the 10 Pounds back if you take your reservation back? Even if not, 185 is still less than 220. :)

      • The thing is, if GAME will offer a 3DS + a game bundle, then I may as well stay with them if they do. I will also be getting £10 worth of rerward points, so there’s another thing to think about.

        About losing the £10 deposit, I’m not sure. I thought the point in the £10 deposit was to tell them you’re definitely getting one and for them to keep a 3DS for you? :P

        I’m think I’ll just get my 3DS from GAME tonight, hopefully I might win the raffle for a free console. After all. I’m not expecting anyone to even turn up at midnight where I live. xD

    • £219.99?
      You must get a game with that then.
      Because it’s £196 at GAME in Manchester.

      • that is the online price not store.

      • I said Manchester so it’s clearly not online!!!!

  2. Just what I was gonna say. If you lose tha tenner it’s still saving £35 from tesco. I like seeing the competition between stores even though I will not be getting one yet, an Xbox360 is next on my buy list :-)

  3. Right, I’ve pre-ordered from Morrisons for £187, with a £10 deposit, but I could go to Tesco TONIGHT and buy it for £175.
    Would this just mean I have to go to Morrisons tomorrow and say I can’t get it? Would I lose my £10 deposit?

    • Screw it, turns out you have to buy a game too.

      • yeah – why on earth would anyone buy a console with a game???

  4. I just received mine from Tesco. Excellent delivery, but if this is true… :(

  5. Anyone else off to the launch party in Billingsgate tonight?

  6. Remeber its a console launch so Tesco will have limited stocks tonight and for awhile.

  7. no 2nd analogue stick means no sale, got suckered in by psp on that front and wont happen again, even if it is 3D

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