Rayman 3D Launch Trailer Released

One of the questions buzzing about at the moment is “what 3DS launch games should I get?” Normally my immediate response is “Street Fighter” or “Ridge Racer”, however there is a bit of a classic lurking in the shadows – Rayman 3D!

It is based on Rayman 2 which is one of the best platform games around. Ironically enough I think a port of it was also one of the launch window games for the original DS.


Check out the launch trailer below.

Source: Ubisoft



  1. Played it for a few minutes last night – it’s actually really good. The framerate’s a bit iffy but it looks gorgeous in 3D, really alive.

    And, of course, it’s a great game. Looks like it’s based off the Dreamcast version to me.

    • Used to love Rayman.

    • So did I. It made me think that the 3DS could potentially fix some of my perspective issues with early 3D platform games. I had only earmarked Pilotwings previously as a launch title that interested me, but I may be tempted my Rayman too this afternoon, since I never played the original.

      • Sorry, that was so did I to Nofi, rather than Foxhound_Solid. Otherwise my comment makes no sense. Argh, too early and waay too much caffiene already consumed.

  2. Rayman without any rabbids… Crazy talk

  3. I’ve found it quite difficult to pick a launch game for the 3DS, as there doesn’t seem to be much information/hands-ons/previews/reviews available (with the exception of Street Fighter and Ridge Racer).

    I’ve got Pilotwings ordered (hopefully get it and my 3DS today!). Really wish that I could have spent more time at the 3DS hands-on thing in Edinburgh (I just popped along during my lunch hour).

    Rayman 3D is probably one that I’ll rent from Boomerang, I does look good, but I’d likely only play it through once.

    • I was at the launch last night and was a bit gutted that they didn’t have Splinter Cell on hand to play, like you I’d prefer to get a bit more info before plumping up for launch titles.

  4. Rayman 1 was probably my favourite PS1 game of all time. Definitely top 3.

  5. One of my mates was milling around and looking what to buy. Said the games line-up was less than average and didn’t want a rehashed title for a new console (as such). Then again, the 3DS isn’t truly a new console in the sense that it’s a tweaked and improved version of the DS. Kind of. Ah, whatever. It’s still too early in the morning!

  6. I wish they would return to the classic 2D Rayman adventures. Loved the PS1 game so much. Damnit, now I have to find it and play it again!

    • Ubisoft announced a 2D episodic Rayman game last year I think, called Rayman Origins. Haven’t heard anything about it since then though.

  7. Got this for my 3DS. Yeah, the frame rate freaks out when you put the 3D effect to the max, but it looks phenomenal. I’m sorry, but 3D isn’t a gimmick anymore, the 3DS pretty much proves, it seriously drags you into the game world, it’s amazing.

    When I opened the 3DS me, my girlfriend and brother all took it in turns to look at a 3D image without wearing glasses for the first time in our lives, was amazing xD

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