Online CV Lists “God Of War 4”

A precursor: this is in no way official.

That said, the internet is ablaze this evening with the first sighting of anything remotely concrete on God Of War 4, albeit on a tiny, tiny scale.


Apparently picked up by SystemLink not long ago, a LinkedIn profile has all but confirmed Kratos will be returning with just the following line on someone’s CV:

Game Cinematic for God of War 4 Cinematic Test (PS3)

What’s most interesting is that the work done for said cinematic was at some point last summer, suggesting that if Sony Santa Monica are working on a new GoW title, it’s been going for a little while.

The company in question appears to be one Motion Logic, who claim they’re working on in-game animations for an “unnannounced AAA title”.

If this all ties together, this is the sort of news PlayStation fans will be jumping at: the God of War series is a phenomenal one, and we can’t wait for the next in the series.

Source: SystemLink. Cinematic for God of War 4 Cinematic Test (PS3)


  1. Anyone else smell a Troll? Is it April 1st already? I must have skipped a couple of days without realising
    In case you couldn’t tell by my tone, I remeain sceptical about this.

    • Sorry for the double post, but dammit! I meant to say remain. First time I comment in a while and I screw it up.

      • It has been quite a while! You used to be a big regular in the comments.

  2. It was always inevitable that work on God of War 4 would have started right after GOW3, its too big a franchise now to simply stop!

  3. Id love this to be true. God of war trilogy was immensely enjoyable for me. Some of the best gaming I’ve ever played and nothing else in the same genre matches up. I played castlevania shortly after the 3 god of wars and sent it straight back, just not a patch on the series.

  4. Contains g

    Why can’t there be another god of war he has escaped from hell before he can do it again

    • Damn iPod should say contains spoilers at the top sorry

  5. Like any huge corporation in the industry, Sony won’t tell Santa Monica Studios to hold back on creating more God of War titles, no matter how much fans think it will water down the lore and characters. With that said, each game has been utterly fantastic, and if multiplayer (hinted at earlier today) and a new leading character (from personal speculation) are the next phases in the series, so be it.

    • Playing a different character would really be a cool idea. A new storyline in general would be nice. I’m getting tired of all the “rage against the gods”. Are there any gods left that Kratos hasn’t killed yet?

      • Kratos hasn’t conquered Odin yet….. but Odin will sort him out since his spear Gungnir never misses

      • There are MANY gods that Kratos hasn’t killed yet, Thetis, Aeolus, Isis, Rumour, Calypso, bla bla bla. If they killed those then it would be a terrible game, they’re all minor and boring.. I was thinking more of a prequel with a different character, but then it wouldn’t really be suitable of the same title.

    • I fully agree, I won’t mind a new God of War game in the slightest (actually I might crave one). I want a new main character, I love Kratos, but his story has been told now. It’s time for someone more fresh, like KeRaSh says – how many Gods can there be left to kill?

      • I’m with you there. New GoW but also new character. A trilogy was perfect for Kratos and they should leave it at that.

      • I also agree, Kratos was great, but I would say it’s time for someone fresh. Kratos should still be in it though, even if it’s just a cameo.

  6. The most interesting part I take from that is “Game Cinematic for God of War 4 Cinematic Test (PS3)” Mainly the PS3 part, if the game isn’t released for another 2-3 years (assuming God of War 4 is a video game in development) then this would bring us to March 2013-2014. If the next generation of consoles are rumoured to be released in 2013 or 2014 surely this means all the PS4 or Xbox 720 within 2 years is rubbish?

    • It says nothing about 360 or 720 or whatever. There would be nothing stopping M$ releasing their next console before Sony. Besides, PS3 games will still be released after the PS4 is on the shelves, so it doesn’t really mean anything.

      • If you were releasing a new games console around the same time as your arguably biggest exclusive IP surely you’d create it for the PS4’s hardware not PS3’s?

      • God of War 2 was released near the PS3 release I think…

  7. Never liked the GOW games, strange cos i thought Heavenly sword was a great game

  8. Huzzah, I want GoW4 as soon as possible!

  9. Mmmm, I may be wrong, but I remember Sony S Monica saying God of War 3 would be the last related to Kratos… That there would be more God of Wars but with other main character.

  10. I best get back into GoW-Collection and finish up the current games before this come out.

    • If there’s some reminisce then that would be better, can’t be bothered with the first two due to time!…. how cruel

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