PlayStation Rewards Program Delayed

The PlayStation Rewards beta launched late last year to select members of the U.S. PlayStation 3 crowd, while Sony promised that the remainder of the American fan base would have access sometime in April. It appears that’s a promise that they’re going to have to break, according to an e-mail they just sent out to the participants of the beta. The trial period will still be ending on March 31 as planned but they gave no indication as to when the full service will be launching. The quote below was taken straight from the e-mail in question.

“Based on what we learned, we have decided the program is not ready to roll out to the public in April as originally planned. But rest assured, we will continue to thank loyal and devoted customers like you with innovative offerings.”

The beta was strictly for gamers in the United States up to now but rumors did pop up from time to time that the service would be making its way across the pond eventually. While we’re still not certain if that’s true, the jump is bound to be delayed by this set back, assuming they were ever planning on it to begin with.



  1. hey, we got a free t-shirt out of it!

  2. Ugh.
    I’m tired of working for and earning hundreds and thousands of trophies for nothing but bragging rights.

  3. I am patient, when they arrive I am sure they will be worth the wait y’all…..

  4. So trophies will unlock rewards? so they will have a point other then to get you to waste a million hours trying to do this tiny little thing within a second. I hope it will be release to europe at the same time as NA. The full version i mean and it better not be restricted to plusers.

    • There were three levels of gamer on the PS Rewards program. Novice, Pro & Legend each coming with various benefits such as avatars and erm etc

      • Okay, Sony needs to release more information about this as i have no clue what the program main purpose is other then making trophies worthwhile.

  5. i couldn’t see this ever reaching europe anyway.

  6. hopefully it does reach here, sounds good

  7. Fingers crossed for UK release eventually.

  8. UK first, Europe next one by one please…

  9. meh

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