French OPM Teases A “Big Comeback” Reveal Next Month

“The big return… it is long overdue. His big comeback is imminent. And it will make noise, lots of noise. But who is it?”

This is the tease that sits on the back pages of the current issue of the French Official PlayStation Magazine. The text is accompanied by a silhouette that looks familiar, but I just can’t place it.


Come on, guys and gals – who is it?

Source: Play France



  1. That silhouette – isn’t it sonic the hedgehog?

  2. Is it….magical Trevor?

    • Beans, lots of beans, lots of beans lots of beans?

  3. I’m thinking Leon, who is supposed to appear in the new Resident Evil game, but I could very well be wrong.

  4. That my friends…..that is Mr Tony Hawk!!

    • But would that be a “grand” comeback?

      more like a “you again?” comeback if you ask me…

      • Yep very true Gabe, but its definitely Tony Hawk.

      • Would be nice if he was releasing THPS2 as a fully fledged PS3 game. Best skating game to ever appear on the planet!

      • Clearly foxhound are iniltrating TSA one by one here, and were didn’t even see it! The irony! Tony Hawk it coudld be, he hasn’t been around for a while, that’s not exactly a bad thing, can’t say I miss the abundance of skating shovelwear wea had to endure around the middle of the last decade.

        @Carson, who is that?

      • @jayjay119 – That Pic by Carson looks like Gabe from Syphon Filter on PSP – Dark Mirror mes thinks?

      • If it was then it would be a great comeback. the Tony Hawk games are much more funner than Skate in my opinion…. sadly since going Guitar Hero its been extremly horrible

    • yeah Tony Hawk was what immediately came to mind

      hope it aint though

  5. haven’t got a clue! but the hair isn’t exactly short, and they are wearing what looks like a crew neck t shirt

  6. tony hawk was my first thought too. second thought was “why?”

    • because the games used to be goood, it was the Guitar hero/Call of Duty? of the Playstation 2

  7. It’s me. Watch your backs.

    • you’re making a big return?! hadn’t noticed you’d been away nofi!

      • If britney spears can make a ‘comeback’ with every goddamn album she releases without going anywhere I don’t see why nofi can’t do it too.

      • I’ve been working on a game that’s meant to be revealed in a future French magazine.

      • Is that Britney in her Shaved Head phase then.

  8. Why do i look at this and think it looks like Lionel Messi?

  9. Jet set willy?

  10. It’s Vanilla from Steambot Chronicles. Obviously.

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