Tesco And Nintendo Comment On GAME 3DS Story

Yesterday we picked up on a story involving GAME and the purchase, by their staff, of a certain amount of Tesco’s 3DS stock to sell on as pre-owned.

Today, Tesco has commented on the story.  Speaking to Eurogamer, a spokesperson for the supermarket giant said they “always provide Tesco customers with the best value.  We think you could say this is game, set and match.”


There’s probably a pun in there, but it’s not a very good one.  Regardless, it’s nice to see them so well humoured.

Nintendo seem fine by it all too. “We believe the level of this activity to be very, very minimal,” they said to CVG, “and as such believe it will not significantly influence our final GfK Chart Track number.”



  1. of course it is not going to bother tesco, as long asthey dont run out of stock because of it, the thing I find a little dodgy about it all is game doing it and ‘buying’ the DS back at the same price Tesco are selling it for as they wouldn’t give the general public that price point

    • Even if they do eun out of stock because of it it wouldn’t bther them, they still made their sale, whether they sold it to a genuine customer of the scheming, grasping employee of another chain.

  2. How much is a 3DS going for as pre-owned? Also, as the boxes arent open…what not stopping them selling as brand new…

    • The law doesn’t allow to sell them as new. They’d be in a whole heap of trouble if they got caught doing that. Once it has been purchased from a store the item is second hand whether opened or not.

      • What’s more confising is what the whole point of it was. Was it simply so Tesco couldn’t out beat them? The memo stated buying bundles for £203 using money from the till, then trade them back to Game for the same price, then sell them to consumers at the same price. So they are not actually making any money on it.

      • I believe it is to build up their pre-owned stock, so that when they run out of stock, which will inevitably happen as it is a dought after console, they have their stack of preowned 3DS’s that they can flog to people

      • They would be making money on it. They buy the consoles from Tesco for £175 then sell them preowned but at the full price of either £219 or £229, making at least £44 per console. Even buying the extra game for £34.90 they wouldn’t lose money when they would sell it for the full price of £34.99.

    • No the memo stated that they were to buy a bundle of a console and a game costing £209, using money from the till. They would then trade them back to GAME for the same amount in cash… I don’t get that if they are using money from the till. And then they will sell them at the same price, as preowned one the normal stock runs dry. So I don’t see how they are going to make money, they would just be putting back the exact same amount they took if they don’t up-price the bundle… which the document claimed not to do. So it makes no sense.

      • Never mind, A mental block has just lifted and everything fel into place, forgive my blonde moment!

  3. hope it doesn’t sell-out by Friday!

    • Not with all the returns because of sickness and dizzy spells :P

  4. of course they’re happy with it, they get sales what do they care who they’re to.
    it’s the customers who miss out on this offer and will end up having to pay more at a store like game.

  5. Ah well. Tesco get all the money anyway so makes no odds whether its us or Game.

  6. Ah Tesco, you witty maverick.

  7. Why hasn’t GAME responded to this fiasco?

  8. What happens to the warranty on the console in this situation? Under statutory rights you can take a console back to the store of purchase upto 3 years later for replacement or refund if it breaks (obvious conditions are obvious); selling 2nd hand, isn’t the hardware then only covered by the manufacturers warranty, which is usually one year? Or will I get the Tescos receipt to go with my purchase from Game?

    • You wont get a receipt. Game wont give you their credit card for proof of purchase. I doubt they paid by cash.

      • Oh, they did pay by cash! Odd as that is, you still wont get the receipt. You’re buying from game, not tesco. The original owner is irrelevant.

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