PSN Donations For Japan Top $1 Million

Sony has announced that donations made via the PlayStation Store to those affected by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan have reached $1.3 million.

Kaz Hirai had the following to say:

“We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by Great East Japan Earthquake. While we continue to make every effort to help the recovery of the affected communities in the region, I would like to express our gratitude to every single PlayStation user across the world who made a contribution to the effort.”

Source: VG247



  1. Wooooooo go Sony users. Very generous :) well done

  2. Great news

  3. quite an impressive feat

  4. That is impressive and a very respectful contribution although when you look at the devastation Japan is dealing with it almost seems trivial in comparison. Hopefully it will help provide some relief for the people who have lost everything in this tragic disaster.

  5. Awesome news. Hopefully people will continue to give over the coming weeks and months.

  6. I was hoping we would be notified of the total contributions made, not bad total so far!

  7. Really good work from everyone so far. Hope this total continues to grow

  8. I still got the wallpaper, it’s beautiful. My missus and I like it.

  9. Really brilliant stuff by gamers the world over. Lifts the heart a little.

  10. Why dont people give this value to conserve the natural world or less developed countries? Japan are one of the richest places they can recover without this help this could have gone to a better cause such as townships in africa where the governments don’t care and the countries involved are too poor to even run themselves. Just everyone jumping on the bandwagon to seem they care.

    • I understand your passion to help those most in need, not just africa deserves more attention when it come to social responsibility. A country’s wealth has nothing to do with aid. Most of the money aid goes to cover transportation cost to get “physical” aid into the effected area quickly. If it was just a question of a country’s wealth New Orleans still wouldn’t look like a dump. Unfortunately the number of people that need aid is greater than those that can provide it. Theres also a number of political reasons and war lords in certain areas of the world that confiscate that aid for themselves, so it’s not as simple as making a list. While it’s important to be fair, Japan is facing multiple crisises at the same time, in short they need aid. Also just because a country has wealth that doesn’t mean every person in that country is rich, I live in the richest country in the world, and theres still poverty all around.

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