Battlefield 3 Marketing Budget To Be $100 Million

The road to topping Call of Duty is a long and harsh path to navigate, and many developers/publishers have crashed and burned without even coming close to the end.

EA is preparing to travel that same road with Battlefield 3, and it looks as though they’ll be bringing some cash with them in an attempt to ensure a safe trip. EA CEO, John Riccitiello, recently announced that EA is preparing to drop 100 million dollars in to Battlefield 3’s advertising campaign.


While that figure may seem outrageous, it actually makes sense to spend that kind of money when you consider the crown that they’re after. These days, if you want to take the top spot in the very crowded first person shooter genre, creating a fantastic game is not enough.

You have to make sure that everyone who’s ever even thought about picking up a controller knows about your product, when they can get their hands on it and why it’s better than the competition.

We’ll find out this fall if it’ll actually work.

Source: BF3 Blog.



  1. Gonna treat myself to 1 and 2 to see what the fuss is about :-)

    • BF2 might seem a little aged now, but give it time, its still an amazing game that’s well worth your time.

      • I picked up BF2 last week and it totally blew me away, feel guilty for not picking it up sooner now.

  2. Cod will never be toppled unfortunately there are too many closed minded people who won’t give something else a try. There’s no harm in being in 2nd place though with a quality product and still getting 10s of millions of sales. Battlefield games play and feel very differently to cod and that’s not what a lot of games want, they want quick matches and twitchy controls, besides I think most battlefield games would rather not have their game invaded by immature cod players screaming down their headset.

    • I wholeheartedly agree Tony , i dont want the kids ruining my game playing music and calling everybody names and sending obscene messages etc . Cod is great for herding them all into one great big sheep-pen and leaving them to fight amongst themselves.

    • Definitely. I would honestly be happy if Battlefield 3 ends up in 2nd place, but with large enough profits and sales to let EA and DICE keep doing what they’re doing: making the Battlefield series awesomely.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. If I’m ever asked why I say Battlefield BC2 is so good one of the reasons I’ll always offer is that screechy voiced kids tend to be on this years “Col ov Dooty”

  4. Battlefield 2 is better than call of duty black ops!!!

    • Terminator salvation is better than call of duty black ops

    • FGS!!! everyone knows Timespilters is better than Call of Duty

      • “Timespilters is better”

        thats all that needs to be said

        On topic.. Oooo that is alot of money and im not to sure about having the cod crowd get in my way but BF3 will hopefully require more ability than the average codite can sustain so i guess its all good

  5. BFBC 2 is a fantastic game, it wipes the floor with CODBO in my opinion. I can’t wait for BC3 but my only worry is the inclusion of prone, that is bowing to the needs of COD players and isn’t a good thing.

  6. Well they an save a few pennies where I’m concerned because it’s already at the top of my ‘wanted list’.

  7. Everyone’s obsession with CoD is damaging to gaming, why can’t publishers just get debs to produce games that are great int their own right.

    Don’t think anyone will ever out-CoD, for a start everything else runs at half framerate and therefore lacks that certain something.

    Publishers need to get over themselves and back projects that will have gamers trying it out not justreleasing a variety of CoD clones and then spunking money on advertising to force it

    • I don’t think the frame rate is the reason cod is so popular

      • yeah, i don’t hear the 12 year old kids in game stores shouting “mummy, buy me this 18 rate game. its not about the gore, its 60 fps!!!!”

      • I think a high frame rate is what gives CoD its smooth feel. I can’t think of a single other FPS off the top of my head that runs that high. Pretty much everything else runs at around 30.

      • Of course not, that’s why I said “for a start” as in its just one of the things that helped it reach a critical mass.

        Framerate aids the feel of the game, sure other games have their fans and plenty of them, but the ‘feel’ of CoD is one of the reasons it sells 15m+ copies and not 2 to 5 million like other franchises.

        I’m annoyed at everyone trying to out-CoD CoD, what happened to trying to beat it by doing something different but better.

    • I would put Treyarch COD offerings in the same boat as KZ and BF games and most other FPS still good games but they just cant find that precision of IW MW1or2, this in my opinion is why its so popular with the masses. I wish they could sort it out because it pisses me off being dragged back to the same game to have such a fluid feeling precise game!

  8. They should just wait and release BF3 on the same day as MW3, or whichever one’s next. Then this can be settled in the stores, parking lots and wherever else the rioting leads. :)

  9. Looking forward to this. Never been much of a fan of COD.

  10. Does anybody know what the budget was for developing the game?
    Is the marketing budget bigger?

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