Sony’s E3 Plans Leaking?

There have always been rumours in the run up to E3. It’s getting increasingly difficult for the publishers and platform holders to keep their secrets and, with one or two notable exceptions, we’re not really surprised by most of what’s announced.

We’re still two months away from the big show in Los Angeles but, if a forum poster on Gamekult is to be believed, many of Sony’s plans for the coming summer are starting to leak.

The rumours include playable versions of The Last Guardian, Twisted Metal, Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 which seems plausible given that all of those are expected before the end of the year. We’re also led to believe that Warhawk 2 will be announced before the Californian show, which ties in with other rumours we’ve heard.

Of course, NGP news is sure to be a big focus too. The tipster indicates that there will be an official name and price announced for the next Sony handheld. In addition to this we’re told that there will be seven first party titles announced for launch and that Kojima will be there to support it, probably with Peace Walker. Perhaps the most exciting rumour surrounding the NGP is that the Wipeout engine has been completely ported over and there should be a launch title from that franchise.

Finally, we’re told, rather more vaguely, to expect Polyphony Digital to have news of a pre-2012 release and that there will be at least two PS3 exclusives held back for announcements at a European show (probably Gamescom).

It’s all obviously a rumour and we can’t confirm any of it (Sony almost certainly won’t comment on it) so we have to issue our standard warning to take it all with a pinch of salt. A lot of it does sound believable though and when taken into consideration with other rumours we’ve seen floating around I think we can expect many of these rumours to come to fruition.

Source: Gamekult



  1. NGP GT5 for Polyphony, or a Tourist Trophy 2? Mmmm want a Tourist Trophy 2!

    • Damm you Jambo, always getting in 1st position! :)

      • Hah, only when it is Gran Turismo related!

  2. ooooooohhh Polyphony announcement hey? Wonder what that could be.

    • A portable GT5 for NGP might explain the reasons why PSP GT was so bare bones… Nom.

      • I look forward to playing GT PSP on the NGP even, will be nice with an analog stick!

      • You mean so GT4?

  3. E3 Bingo?

    • +1

    • oh yes, probably nearer the time?

    • Oh yes, let’s badger Greg into doing that again!

    • I hope Greg will do another one. That’s always the best part of E3 :)

    • Keep your eyes peeled about a month before the show. Already working on the list of picks…

  4. If the NGP is called anything other than PSP2, I’ll deep-fry a 3DS and eat it.*

    *May not actually happen.

    • Probably taste better than a deep fried mars bar.

      • Nothing tastes better than a deep fried mars bar…

      • A deep fried snickers bar? oohh noo a deep fried lion bar, no no a deep fired wispa!!!!!

  5. Now I’ve got rid of my ps3 I may be interested in NGP if its priced right & has good games

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if HideoKojima mentioned or hinted at a Metal Gear Solid Trilogy HD….

    • With Rising on ita way and no hint of a new Solid Snake entry I think this would be the next step. I’m sure many fans (including myself) would love this, as opposed to a new entry to the series. An updated edition of mgs4 would be nice too.

  7. ooooh I hope a price is revealed, start getting in on pre-order wars n that! Will need to know how much I need to save, Cant expect the mrs to pay it all ;)

  8. A new WipEout has been hinted at in the past:
    Looking forward to E3 this year, Sony are sure to have some good details on their latest games/console.

    • Wasn’t Studio:Liverpool one of the studios that Sony has closed down? Had it in my mind that we probably wouldn’t see another game from them.

      • As I understood it, they closed part of it down, while keeping the WipEout team alive. I may have mis-understood, or something new may have happened since then.

      • Studio Liverpool merged with Evolution Studios (MotorStorm-series, PS2 WRC-games etc)

  9. Ok im gonna love those games but honestly i don’t give a shit. show me SLY 4 DAMMIT!, Make Spiderman and Spiderman 2Enter Electro PSOne Classics! Hell even announce a Jak 4!

  10. Wait, Gamekult as a source ? What the… Did you try to translate what the guy wrote ? I’m french, so i’m trying to get it in english :
    Infamous 2 video /
    Last Guardian coming /
    pre-E3 teasing /
    Everything’s going as intended.
    Okay, planning of the exclusive PS3 games, based on the Mr Sony’s messages, last rumours, and how I see all this going to happen based on Sony’s marketing :
    [insert rumoured list]

    So, this is not rumours, this is what someone is thinking about what will happen…

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