Black Ops Map Pack 2 Announced

As expected, another map pack has been announced for Call of Duty: Black Ops and it looks as though it has the same flavor as the First Strike pack released a couple of months ago. Outed by Major Nelson, this pack is to be called ‘Escalation’ and will include 4 new multiplayer maps and a single zombie map. The multiplayer maps are detailed below.

Hotel – Takes place on the rooftops of a Cuban luxury hotel and casino


Convoy – Lands you on the scene of a U.S. military convoy that was recently ambushed

Zoo – Pits you in an old abandoned Soviet zoo

Stockpile – Throws you in a small Russian farm town where secret WMD facilities are housed

The zombie map that will be included was not given a name or any specific details outside of it being called a “unique experience” where you’ll be able to fight new enemies.

Per the agreement between Activision and Microsoft, the Escalation map pack will be releasing first on Xbox Live on May 3. No date was announced for PC and PlayStation 3 owners but roughly a month after the XBL launch is likely a safe bet. Also not announced was a price but seeing as how this pack contains the same level of content as the First Strike pack, it’s probably safe to assume it will be priced similarly as well.

Source: Major Nelson



  1. I was suckered into buying first strike, but seeing as you can get some pretty decent games that I haven’t played yet for a similar price, think I’m going to pass on this second one

    • Agree! Minecraft, Super Meat Boy…
      there’s so much choises..

      Overall i think blackops is kinda dead, the only good thing about it is zombies and i think paying 15€ for playing a single zombie map is stupid.
      Hopefully they will release a zombie map dlc with both old and new maps

  2. Thanks, but no thanks, ALL CODS traded in.

  3. I’ve traded in blops due to it being a total load of broken nonsense. This map pack will doubtlessly sell by the bucketload though

  4. Waste of money, honestly expansions should always be at that price but map packs!

  5. COD sucks massive hairy balls. Therefore, I’m out.

    • Trolling COD posts again Bilbo….

      BLOPS fan personally but hardly played it since I bought the decidely average and massively overpriced first strike map pack so will give this is one a miss.

  6. I know everyone hates on COD but I’ll be getting this for sure

  7. I swear I put up this topic days ago in the forum >:/ Please have a check, I was there ages ago

    • How about sending it to the ‘tips’ email address, then?

    • Not everyone on TSA checks the forums. It is hardly fair to expect the staff to search through the forums to see if anyone posted a news item there before they publish it on the front page.

      • Agreed, I check in at lunchtime everyday for 15 minutes and only read the front page news.

  8. Another Black Ops post, another load of people saying the game is ‘broke’ its ‘overpriced’, yada yada yada. Haven’t we got over it yet? You don’t like it, fine – don’t need to keep saying it in every Black Ops/Call of Duty post.

    /rant over

    I will be getting it as it add hours of gameplay into the game when it starts to get stale – plus if the price is too much, split it between a group of you. Thats what I’ll be doing.

    • With you on the anti BLOPS brigade Bankzy but wasn’t impressed by First Strike and haven’t found it has added hours of extra play for me.

      Also, didn’t think the multiple PS3 DLC download trick worked with the BLOPS maps, unlike MW2?

      • Yeah it works, I split the price with two other people so it works out at about £3.85 each (after rounding it up). I buy it on my account, and the two other people go onto my account and download them off me. Have had plenty of time with the First Strike map pack, so it has been good value for money at £3.85 for me.

  9. Wow an original name, MAG even has a dlc with the same name.

  10. Well honestly i will be getting this only for the Zombies map because i am a Nazi Zombie Addict i hope this new map has more special infected and maybe All the Wonder Weapons:
    Ray Gun
    WunderWaffe DG-2
    Winters Howl
    Monkey Bomb and Gersch Device for the ultimate experience

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