Do You Want To Be In A ‘Catherine’ Trailer?

We’ve been following Catherine for quite a while now (it’s not as dodgy as it sounds), including a detailed hands-on of the Japanese demo. Atlus has now announced that you can be part of the next trailer, although you’ll have to bare your soul:

“In a video released today on YouTube, the publisher asked gamers to post direct video responses answering three heavy questions about commitment.  Atlus will select answers from those submitted to appear in an official trailer.”

Click here for the YouTube video that asks the questions, and be aware that any responses have to be filmed in 720p or higher.

Source: Press Release



  1. Do you have do be wearing a sheep head when you answer? :-)

    Really looking forward to getting my hands on Catherine when she’s^h^h^h it’s available.

  2. “Matt Damon”! (sorry)

    I want that game!.. but I wouldn’t make it in a video heh

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