Backbreaker Vengeance Coming To XBLA

Developed by British-based studio, NaturalMotion, 2010’s Backbreaker was an NFL title focusing mainly on the physics-based interaction between players, utilising the Euphoria game engine. Though it received mixed reviews, it proved solid enough, especially for those who didn’t mind the lack of licensed teams and stadiums. This morning 505 Games announced via the official Backbreaker Facebook page that “Backbreaker Vengeance” would be making its way to XBLA this summer.


One aspect of Backbreaker many picked up on was the “Tackle Alley” mini-game. In this mode, a single players would have to dash for the touchline while trying to avoid a number of obstacles and members from the opposing team. It proved so popular that NaturalMotion developed Backbreaker 2 Vengence (our review) for the iOS, isolating Tackle Alley and building it into a more substantial game.

Though details are sparse, the name similarity between the two pre-mentioned games suggests that Backbreaker Vengeance will also be solely based on Tackle Alley, ushering in a new wave of obstacles to pit players against. There has yet to be any news of a PlayStation 3 release.

Source: Backbreaker Official Facebook Page



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  1. Is this the game that many said was tech demo fo a physics engine?

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