Starfox 64 3D Dated

Starfox 64, or Lylat Wars here in Europe, was a brilliant game on the old Nintendo 64.  So, along with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the 3DS gets another upgraded port, and this one’s out on the 14th of July in Japan.

Announced via the official website, this has the potential to be a cracking game – the 3DS’ circle pad will mean the controls can be replicated closely, and the 3D effect should be great.


Here’s a handheld video of the game from January:

Let’s hope there’s a Western release soon enough.



  1. Loved Starfox back on the Super NES. If I had the money this would make a 3DS tempting

  2. Yay! Yet another old game rehateted for 3DS. Is it ever going to get a new title?

    • Its new to meh! oh and Kid Icarus

    • “Yay! Yet another old game rehateted for 3DS. Is it ever going to get a new title?”


    • Tuff, do you mean reheated or rehated?

    • Innit, Nintendo are milking things to death. just think if every other company jumped on the bandwagon? There would be carnage!! Imagine the remakes…God of War, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, BG&E, ICO, SoTC, Sly Cooper, Tomb Raider, Halo…it would be awful.

      OH WAIT…

      • These games are marketed as remakes and don’t cost as much as a new game. Nintendo will slap the price of a new release on them, which I actually don’t mind if it’s a good remake (which it will probably be) but the fact that these dev teams focused on a remake before even releasing a new game of the same franchise beforehand makes me wonder if they didn’t have that much time before the release and just rushed a remake out the doors…

      • Totally agree with the price comment as I find DS games in general to be pricy. The Star Fox remake was announced and shown absolutely ages ago though, so they’ve had plenty of time to work on it.

  3. Can’t effin wait!!!!!

  4. Played this to death on the N64. Gonna try it just to see whether ill feel its a new experience, or just rehashed and ill be bored

  5. Same here, anyone moaning about CLASSICS getting remade, I just dont get it. Gives us oldies another chance to play through them and anyone younger gets to experience it for the first time.

    Videogames are strange, unlike films old games usually just die with the format, when some deserve a new audience.

    So Boo to Tuffcub

    • I’m very much ok with great classics being remade but I expect a new handheld/console to launch with new iterations of these franchises before they start dishing out remakes…

      • The 3DS did. New versions of Nintendogs and Pilotwings, for starters.

      • I meant that one franchise should first have a new game out on the console before they rerelease a remake of that same franchise. I hardly believe that the Zelda or Starfox teams worked on Nintendogs or Pilotwings. They focused on releasing a game of the franchise they are working on and this game happens to be a remake. Why not work on a new Zelda game before focusing on the remake? It is easier and takes less time…

      • How is it easier and quicker to create something new instead of reusing assets you already have?

      • Or are you answering your own question? In which case why shouldn’t they use a remake to gain familiarity with the new console?

      • Yeah, sorry it wasn’t that clear. Why can’t they gain familiarity with the new console by releasing a new game of a well known franchise?
        Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to diss the 3DS or anything. Zelda would be a system seller for me but I’m not going to shell out 200€+ for a remake.

  6. Do any of the readers knocking the 3DS, actually own one?
    Just wondering…..

    • I does!

      The console is excellent, and so are some of the launch games, but it is definitely disappointing to see few original games and such an emphasis on ports. Sure, theres always the argument of allowing people to play it that never have, but theres only so much of that that you can (and should do), because you still need to move on and create new experiences. Something that many publishers are unwilling to do out of some sort of incompetence to either make or market something new properly.

      • Incompetence? You don’t think the fact there aren’t many people with 3DS’ yet, so they won’t sell many copies of the game, has anything do do with it?

        That and it’s safer to stick with what you can be fairly sure will sell (SFIV, Ocarina of Time) until there’s a market to understand and the market has grown and become more diverse.

        Developers and publishers are understandably risk averse at the moment.

        Nintendo has to take some risk by spending money to show what the 3DS can do (AR Games, Face Raiders, PilotWings) but many will play it safe until they know what works/sells.

      • Your argument does make sense, Watchful. I never looked at it that way, but I’m sure any Zelda game would sell like hotcakes, not just a remake of OoT.

      • @Kerash unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I certainly remember reading that Twilight Princess was met rather apathetically. I’m wondering if Skyward Sword will meet the same fate.

  7. XD, I wasn’t speaking about development for the 3DS specifically sorry, but I still would criticise current development for the system. Although theres risk in all the products they release, PilotWings was incredibly risk averse because they chose to re-use something familiar to people that have experienced Wii Sports, Resort and Fit.

    You’re right that they have invested in new games to demonstrate to users the devices capabilities, but there’s no dedication from any developer to take this further even in this year, even though AR Games and Face Raiders have received very positive feedback.

    With any media, it should not be necessarily about what just works or sells, the DS and Wii have already experienced this terrible method of game production and it failed because all that publishers were interested in were filling demographics with games that acted more as labels than enjoyable content. It needs to be most importantly about what is fun and playable, and then being able to bring those developments into a product that people can understand and enjoy.

    I’d say also that when original games are made and fails to sell a target number of units, it’s more down the the publishers inability to market the product effectively, such as Enslaved. Instead of portraying the game’s character, themes and environments to set it in the minds of it’s potential consumer, the debut trailer just reflected a typical action movie. Compare this to the debut trailer for Dead Island and it makes Enslaved look empty.

  8. Loved the N64 version, 4 player was awesome. Still not enough to make me want a 3DS though

  9. Loved it on the SNES the N64. Great News.

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