Ubisoft Announces PowerUp Heroes

What video game character are you most like? Are you athletic and energetic, like Lara or Nate? Powerful and grumpy like Kratos? Normal but a little bit of a psycho, like Niko?

We all empathise with the video game characters we guide through their adventures. Now, thanks to Ubisoft’s newly announced Kinect game, we’ll get to prance around in front of televisions pretending to actually be those protagonists.


With Avatar support putting you (well, your big-headed, cartoon self) into the action, PowerUp Heroes invites you to be the lead character in a video game. The trailer (below) is a little short on actual gameplay but what is shown looks like quite an impressive, over-the-shoulder fighter with supernatural powers. As with anything Kinect-based though, it’s success will rely on how well the controls are implemented.

Source: Ubisoft



  1. Despite the cringe-worthy live action stuff, this actually looks pretty neat. Note that I used the word “looks.” Fighters Uncaged looked pretty decent, but we all know how that one turned out.

  2. Geez why do they have xbox360 avatars?? hate games when you have to play as them.

  3. Could be cool….ish.

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