EA Job Listing Suggests Another Army Of Two Sequel

Publishing giant EA has recently posted two job listings on its website, “seeking a dynamic Senior Producer for the Army of Two franchise” and “talented Lead Environment Artist for the Army of Two franchise.” It took us a while to work this one out, but we finally came to the conclusion that there may be another Army of Two game in the works.

Reportedly, the unconfirmed sequel will be developed by Visceral Games Montreal, the renamed studio which worked on the first two games.


Bromance-fuelled third person gunfights are the driving force behind the series, and it must be proving popular. Despite Army of Two and its sequel, The 40th Day, failing to fully captivate its critics, the latter instalment which launched last January managed to hit the million milestone four months after release.

Source: Gamerzines



  1. Much yesness, loved the first two! :)

    And don’t judge me for liking a bit of mindless action.

    • We’re all entitled to our guilty pleasures. Gaming ones, that is…

    • Played the first one with my brother and we loved it. Not because of a great story or for the dialogs but it was simply fun to play with a good friend. Skipped the second one due to the reviews but I guess I should really give it a try.

  2. Loved The 40th Day, one of my all time favourite games. Played it a lot with my co-op partner Murdo last year, brilliant fun.

  3. What? do we really need another

  4. Must get round to the first two as they are cheap as chips :-)

  5. They were okay, quite short. But they have got to sort out the multiplayer of the game, it lags alot and very annoying. And if they ever do Extraction, it better have the options for you to host rather than searching for a match ><
    I platinumed this bad boy a month ago. Online trophies were messed up. Had to win every map on 3 modes three times to hear a ping.

  6. Still need to get back to the 40th day at some point – Got about halfway to three quarters of the way through the story (at least I assume that’s how far I am!) & got stuck on a bit, then other things came out & it got pushed to one side. Decent game, but nothing earth shattering.
    Might actually finish it one day! :/

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