New Zelda 3DS Screens And Info

Although Nintendo of Europe are yet to let us loose with the remastered 3DS version of Ocarina of Time, some US-based sites have been a little luckier and have been able to play much more than the introductory period of the game we have sampled.  To say we’re a bit jealous is putting it mildly.

It’s sounding fabulous, anyway.  GameXplain have posted up a nice set of impressions and although they’re making it clear that this isn’t a full-on remake, what the developers are doing is sprucing up a timeless classic with new visuals and 3DS-based trickery, and that’s all we’d ask for.


“Right away, I couldn’t help but notice the sharp looking characters,” says the article. “Link, as well as his Hylian friends, now look less like the blockheads from Gumby and more like their depictions in the original promotional art.”  It’s also now running at a lovely 30 frames per second, which is almost twice what the N64 version clocked at at times.

Here’s some of the good stuff:

  • Castle Town’s market is now fully rendered, including the shops.  Gone are the blurry bitmaps of old.
  • Lake Hylia is much improved, with better water effects and a ‘proper’ tree background.
  • Textures are massively sharper and higher resolution.
  • All 2D backgrounds and ‘through window’ textures have been converted to rendered 3D.

GameXplain claim that Zelda is “perhaps the best use of 3D yet seen on the system” and the various interface changes (having the inventory always on the touchscreen and moving the Ocarina to a permanent spot which doesn’t use an inventory slot) sound great.  Anyone expecting lots of secrets though will be disappointed:

“The village folk recite the same lines and you’ll find every collectible in the exact same location as 14 years ago,” says the article.  At least there’s the Master Quest included too, although you’ll need to finish the original version first to get access to it.

June can’t come quick enough, this is going to be wonderful.



  1. *image 5, OMG its a Hapurubokka

    June can’t get anymore slower

  2. i would love this, but since getting a 3ds doesn’t look to be on the immediate horizon, i’ll just have to settle for the gamecube zelda collection, which includes ocarina.
    it looks much batter than the original n64 version because i play it on my wii with a component cable, no patented nintendo bleed-o-vision.

  3. Super – Im waiting to buy a 3DS until this is out – just for the principle

  4. Looking great. Although the focus on ports is still disappointing, this is one port that has obviously been created carefully. I only played a little of the Gamecube version of this, although it sucks that despite playing so little, I still remember it’s ending from several years ago when innocently flicking through a strategy guide, :£

    • Not rreally ports I guess, just remakes besides a few *cough Rayman

      • Oh yeah, wrong term XP. Still cant help but feel disappointed with the amount of them at the moment though, even if they are made carefully such as this one.

  5. The original Ocarina on the N64 changed my gaming life forever, a true masterpiece. If I could afford a 3DS I would buy just for this.

  6. I for one don’t mind the N64 remakes on 3DS as they bring back a golden era of gaming in my mind. I’ve never played through the whole OoT since I don’t have the game, and if I could afford a 3DS this would be the game to get. I wonder when Majora’s Mask and A Link to The Past will be remade?

    • i didn’t think majora’s mask was as good as ocarina, maybe it was just me, but i just didn’t enjoy it as much.

      some people seem to love it though so don’t take what i said as an indication that it’s a bad game.

    • Personally wasn’t as fussed about MM as I was about OoT, but maybe because it was a bit more fiddly, and I hate being rushed to do things in games where you explore.
      Was and still intend not to pick this up straight away as although it is a classic and not a straight port, but rather a tweak, not enough has changed in my eyes.
      Will eventually get it due to being a Zelda game, but would rather that they released something new, or something that was not released/re-released recently. People mention a Link to the Past, but I would also love to see any and all of the GB/A Zelda series games as well.
      Something like 4 swords online/local would be more exciting imho.

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