“Tower of Sin” Twisted Metal Trailer

Gamers will come face to face with series antagonist, Calypso, in this new Twisted Metal trailer.

Though it’s basically an extended version of the “Broken” trailer some of you will have seen at GameTrailers last week, there are a few added tweaks to look out for, mainly the live action sequences.


Twisted Metal is due to launch this October with a multiplayer beta rumoured to go live over the Summer period.

Source: IGN.



  1. I… My mind is blown.

    Hopefully this’ll live up to the hype I’ve given it :P

  2. I see they had to blur out the ‘rape’ scene.
    The fact that some people inferred that probably says more about them than the makers of the trailer…

  3. Jesus – this looks good :-)

  4. damn you sony, updgrade ur flashplayer.

  5. meh.. Twisted Metal just doesn’t do it for me. I think the (in game) graphics look old and outdated already.

    is it just me? no trailer or story I have seen has convinced me to get this or to be even looking forward to this. Am I weird? Oh wait… don’t answer that ;)

    • The only other TM games I have played are Black and Head On, both of which I didn’t really take a fancy to. I’m a sucker for arcade racers, but I have altered my expectations just in case this game flops.

  6. i missed the ps1 twisted metal game, always fancied ago on it mind, this does turn my head a bit

    • Me too, it sort of passed me by, I’m interested now due to online play and all that jazz. Hopefully the graphic get a bit of an upgrade before release though, looks a little PS2ish.

  7. Looks ok, doesn’t look like a must have title for me though.

  8. Think I will be picking this up.

  9. It Only Does Ice Cream. Ha! :-)

  10. Best thing about this damn series is the soundtrack!!! :D


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