Are Sony Running Out of Ideas?

There’s no denying that Sony started 2011 incredibly strongly. They’ve had a consistent stream of fantastic first party exclusives since the end of 2010 and they’ve gathered some impressive momentum as we head into the summer season and the big show looms on the horizon. That’s right, E3 is mere months away and with Sony’s end of year looking a little less impressive than the first few months, what might they have in store for the future?

Well, with the exception of the assumed announcement and unveiling of Warhawk 2, there’s not a lot that we know about. We can assume that Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian will get an airing, probably both playable. Resistance 3 should be there in a big way too. Those are what we know about from Sony for the end of this year but that leaves options for the start of next year a little thin.

It’s also reasonable to assume that we’ll see something of the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD remakes. Which brings us to something which might be a major concern: Will HD remakes take the place of new announcements?

Sure, we all love to see old favourites spruced up a bit and put out as collections. We’ve had or are expecting God of War, Sly, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell as well as the Ico games. We’d love to see GTA III Trilogy or a Jak and Daxter collection too. Everyone is clamouring for Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII. We like them. It’s nice to have the option to replay some old favourites and it’s nice to have the opportunity for new players to enjoy them. But we don’t want them to take over.

Apparently, PSM3 has spoken about a rumour that Sony might have a big announcement up its sleeve for E3. That’s nice but we’d like Sony’s big E3 announcements to be about new games, blockbusters and massive franchise continuations. As much as we like an HD remake, it’s not something we’d like to see replace the traditional big news from a show like E3.

Sony have already spoken about their willingness to do more and the trend spreading to Ubisoft and Eidos (Square Enix now) is demonstrative of the popularity that HD rereleases have. It would be a shame if that distracted companies into thinking they can put big new releases on the back burner.

Sony have started this year strongly but with a less impressive back end to the year and virtually nothing hinted at for next year yet, will the recent buzz around these HD collections mean that those are all we’re given? We hope not but when the pre-E3 rumour mill starts firing up with rehashes of older games, we start to worry a little bit about the future for brand new games.



  1. Its gotta be MGS Collection surely!

    • If this happened I might buy it. Played a few of hours of 4 (my first dive into the series) and didnt much like it, dont know why people go on about it, seemed broken to me with story plugging the holes.
      I think i need to start from the beginning to fully grasp why its so highly praised.

      • There’s your main mistake, Roy. Start off from the beginning. MGS 1 and 2 are sublime. The 4th is amazing for its story and the gameplay is still brilliant.

      • Wouldnt say it was a mistake as much as a mishap. Back then games were only publicised by magazines. I never came across it and until i had home internet i honestly never knew of its existence. Final Fantasy was introduced to me by a few friends who spent hours weeks and months playing 7 together. But i did not know of FF until that point either.
        Seems i lived a very sheltered life, only going on the odd magazine and friend direction to persuade my gaming purchase….and i had an absolute ball gaming this way. Unfortunately some franchises slipped through the net.

      • Still play them if you can…sod HD remakes these games are still stunning, well all except except 2 (after the prologue section! :)

      • snake eater (MGS3) is the best IMO!

    • That’d be awesome!

  2. Frankly, if a MGS HD collection was announced at E3 I’d be set for games until Uncharted 3 comes out. Especially if it came out before I go back to uni in September!

  3. Well theres bound to be a few outstanding 3rd party games for 2011.. personally I can’t wait for the new Armoured Core & Dark Souls. Don’t really see the urgency to get excited for U3 and R3, grown tired of most shooters to be honest.

    More RPGs would be nice

    • Oh and how can I forget my beloved Monster Hunter… I’m still waiting!! like its the greatest game I’ve ever played.

  4. Not quite sure how this means that Sony are running out of ideas…

    Far stronger line up than the other consoles for the remainder of the year and surely E3 is for announcing new titles for the coming years.

    Surely by this logic, Microsoft are screwed?

    • that is what I was thinking they have so much to give still this year.

    • It’s a question, rather than a statement, although people hear what they can disagree with ;)
      Just pointing out that Sony’s great 2011 could leave them short for 2012 and with HD remakes becoming more regular that might be contributing factor them easing off a bit.
      MS is a totally separate issue but if you want to draw comparisons I’d say this question might have been asked of them this time last year (or even the year before).

      • Oh no I see your point, but as others have pointed out there’s also the NGP to come end of 2011/2012.

        Just wondering if the questions needs asking before E3? ;-P

      • haha, If I didn’t ask it before E3 then someone else would and the debate wouldn’t be so interesting on another website ;)

      • “and the debate wouldn’t be so interesting on another website ;)”

        ??? WTF?

        So it’s about Web hits is it? great, now I see why TSA’s loyalty has shifted so much since I became a member. Advertisers first as usual, and the TSA ethos dies a slow cold death. Enjoy slowly loosing your loyal members.

      • Or maybe he’s complimenting the community on this site and how the majority can have a well rounded discussion.

      • maybe, I guess I have less faith in TSA than you.

      • or rather, I have less faith in the TSA community than you.

      • I’ve been very involved with the community so have seen the best that it has to offer so yes, I do have faith in the people that contribute here in the right way.

  5. No mention of Sony’s second handheld, rumoured to be so powerful that it can send chimps back in time, also recently (re)confirmed as still on for a Q4 release?

    • Not much confirmed for it yet but it will probably be the big focus, further taking away from the PS3?
      Perhaps I should have included it though, it’s certainly interesting to see if Sony can keep up the relentless release output of this year when they’re going to have that extra iron in the fire next year.

    • I think if the question is: “Are Sony Running Out Of Ideas?” and the emphasis is on a lean second half of the year, a period when Sony are releasing new hardware that, based on the features that have been confirmed, then the answer is a resounding “no” in my opinion.

      • Oh no, the emphasis is on a slow down in their confirmed release schedule at the end of this year (for PS3, nothing has been confirmed yet for NGP, including the hardware in all regions) AND also on the confirmed release schedule for the first half of 2012 – which is almost barren.
        Of course, that’s what E3 is for and I hope (and think) that Sony will have plenty of tricks up their sleeve. It’s interesting to ask the question though, right?

      • My factory (Sony) is preparing for repairs of NGP to be ready by Q4. Not exactly a confirmation of Q4 release, but it was the only interesting part of the first half meeting, bar the pay raise.

      • No, it’s not interesting…it’s sensationalist.

  6. if they carry on the way they have this year they will be fine might be a few new IPS at E3 & love the HD collections.

  7. Oh and not to mention that Nintendo seem to do ‘remakes’ of the same title over and over yet everyone loves it. I present Ocarina of Time, for the third time… :-p

  8. I wouldn’t say that increasing the number of HD remakes means they’re running out of ideas, it’s just a good business strategy.

    • A very good business strategy, with 3 full games on some of the HD remake compilations and priced around £20, the customer gets a great deal out of it. The Tomb Raider Trilogy is a great example of an absolute gem…..for starters!

  9. I dont hate HD remakes but I’d much prefer new games. The final fantasies on the Playstation 2 look perfectly fine to date, and dont need updating. PS1 games however, would take a long time to remake, which then stops the company making a new game that I may possible enjoy a lot more

  10. Strongest year they’ve had yet, with so many quality games that I’ve had to put off buying several until prices drop.

    If that’s the result of “running out of ideas”, I say bring on the barren spell!

    If you want a company devoid of ideas, look to Nintendo. Their new HD console is sure to bring about yet more rehashes of tired old games which weren’t all that to begin with. As a buddy of mine said on Twitter, prepare for “Super Paper Mario Kart Galaxy Land 3D HD 2” – and I’m sure they could fit a ’64’ in there somewhere, too.

    • Yeah, I agree – There was a real rush of games that came out that I desperately want, but cannot afford all at once, so a slow down towards the end of the year would be perfect for me to be honest. I can then finally get around to the titles that I have been meaning to.
      What do you mean games aren’t released just for me??

      • Yeah I’d happily sit in this camp. Just don’t have the time or money to snap them all up at once, so I’m happy to have them all come out at once as long as I have the rest of the year to buy and play them.

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