Nintendo Announce 3DS Sales Figures

Nintendo are claiming they’ve shifted ‘just shy of’ 400,000 3DS consoles in the United States after just one week.

In a press release issued this evening, Nintendo have silenced critics by announcing real numbers, something some thought they wouldn’t be doing.


“Both Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo DS family had a strong month, indicating that Nintendo has something for everyone,” said Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America’s senior director of Corporate Communications.

“Nintendo provides people with the best video game experiences, from 3D visuals without special glasses to a touch-screen interface to motion controls.”

Not staggeringly impressive, but – hey – at least we’ve got some numbers to fight over now.



  1. Hmm that seems kind of low, I thought it’d be near the 700,000 mark for US. I wonder how it was for the UK seeing as it was released on the same day as the other super hyped gadget, iPad 2.

  2. Not three bad :-)

  3. I really can’t see how the launch has been deemed a fail. Last time I checked it was at the 700,000 mark in Japan, plus 113,000 for the UK and now 400,000 for the US (let’s not forget other EU countries).

    • taken on their own, they’re not bad numbers, it’s just with the hype that has built up over this machine, everybody was expecting more.

      • All the bad press about the 3D screen won’t help sales.

  4. you also have to compare the rate of return with these numbers , 2 of my 5 friends who bought the 3ds on release day had to return it as they couldnt play the console more than 10 minutes without getting a headache so that must mean theres been a few returns to bring the numbers down.

    • niece did the same after 3 days.

  5. Not bad numbers.

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