Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Video

Following the information that came to light earlier, the EU PlayStation blog has lifted the veil. There’s plenty to read about and that developer interview but there was also a multiplayer video showing off the new game’s modes and customisation options.

Looking pretty good, eh?

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Woo Hoo. Looking forward to this.

    • As am I :) It’s crazy to think that these guys used to make Crash Bandicoot…… now their making stuff like this!

  2. *Lights cigarette* Was it good for you?… It was for me.

  3. Oh. Hell. Yes.

  4. Hell yeah!
    I was going to buy inFAMOUS 2 anyway, this is an added bonus!

  5. Poor Sully, always gets beaten!

    +1 to awesomeness!

  6. Meh, just double the length of the single player thanks

    • looks good but UC is all about the SP for me as well.

      • Same. I invested plenty of hours into the Uncharted2’s MP features but would have still preferred a longer SP. If I want to play multiplayer I turn to the likes of Battlefield BC2 and Killzone3 lol :)

  7. Yeah Boii

  8. I want to kill everybody in the world.

    • That was a pretty cool song, and I hate blippy bloopy stuff :D

  9. Looks awesome :) Should add some longevity to the multiplayer with all that customization.

  10. Some of those game modes look amazing! Assaulting a giant cargo plane with loads of trucks! YES PLEASE!!!

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